Will Healy’s staff


I haven’t seen anything that concerns me, for two reasons:

  1. It looks like a few of these position coaches are coming from OC/DC positions at their previous stops in lesser divisions. It’s not like we’re getting D3 QB coaches coming up to the same role here.

  2. Healy’s philosophy and approach is very non-conventional, and I can imagine it being somewhat alien to a lot of coaches with more traditional backgrounds. Furthermore, it requires that every coach on the staff buy in 100%. I’d rather him bring in guys that he is familiar with, that are familiar with him, and that he knows will work within the program than guys with impressive resumes.


I also think his philosophy around having the coaches kids and wives around will bring success. He is basically saying that the coaches will live at the facility so it is good to bring the family in. This eliminates problems at home which turns into problems at work. I think you see this more and more at other jobs. We have a TV room at our office for people’s kids when the kids come to the office from school and their mom or dad still needs to be in the office. It is much better to get 50% out of the parent at the office in the afternoons rather than 0% because they had to go home.


This is the Dabo Swinney model.


Healy will not be retaining any of Lambert’s assistants.


Pretty sure at this point Johnson Richardson was the only question mark left, right?


Keith Henry as well.


Not unexpected, unusual, or wrong. Get Healy’s complete staff on board and start rocking the recruiting trail, and the FBS starting next season. Excited for our future. GO NINERS!!!


Look for coordinators to be announced first week in January now.


If all goes well, we can count on talking about new people on Healy’s staff every year at this time of the season.


Updated with addition of the new OC, Alex Atkins (Tulane):


Solid hire. Atkins name was drawing a lot of attention after his job calling plays in their bowl game.


Assumed this is who it would be given that he worked with Healy at Chattanooga and had already bowled. Nice get for us.


Is Trevor Lambert really staying on as DOFO?


I thought our new RC (whose name escapes me at the moment) was going to be DOFO, that way he doesn’t count against the 11 assistants head-count?




Trevor Lambert is staying.


That’s interesting.


If you’re going to make a career out of it, probably helps to get some non-nepotism experience. Sure that’s probably what his uncle told him.


Maybe he’s doing a good job and it’s not like he’s an on the field coach .


I’ve been told he’s really good at what he does. I’ve go no issues with him being here.