Will Healy’s staff


clt says this says a lot about Healy’s character. Judging folks by the results, rather than just cleaning house.


Not gonna lie… I’d like to see a little more diversity in the staff make up. Maybe it’s just because he’s so young so he hasn’t branched out much but many if not all are either from AP or UTC backgrounds. Not exactly thrilling but I’ll wait and see like all.


I was in the same camp but have mellowed on this.

I had originally hoped we could bring in a stud OC and a stud DC to compose a superstaff of sorts…but I have since realized that when a head coach is brought in to change a culture…he needs to bring in people he trusts to help him do that.

Not just with coaching…but recruiting, development, evaluating, game planning,the whole thing. He needs people he can trust to look at things the same way he does and to operate in the way he wants them to. The only way to really get to that point of trusting others to do that…is with people that have proven it to you because you have worked with them before.

Lower level staff can be from other backgrounds and they learn and grow and rise through the ranks as a part of that culture…but you’ve got to bring in high level staff to set that standard first.

I get it.

Just hope his culture and style relates to the turn around we think/hope it will.


I trust Will until he gives a reason not to trust him. I don’t expect us to be the best team ever next year, but I do think we have a good shot at competing in every game except Clemson. We’re going places and the ship is turning in the right direction!


This worried me too, but I think his former staff knows better than anyone how to dig their way out of a hole, and how to recruit to a team with no history of winning. Healy is betting his job on these guys, so I am willing to give him a chance.


Healy has been told by Administration to keep a lot of Staff for 1 year, before they bring their own guys in. Trevor Lambert, Ben Grobe, Nick Cook - That way they will be given time to adapt to new way of doing things, teach their replacement and/or have time to find a new job.




Some of these positions may not even exist on an FCS staff so Healy may not have anyone from his old staff to hire for these jobs.


I’m sure part of the decision-making process is: “is it worth my time to expend it replacing this position?”


^ a very thoughtful, insightful reply.
my impression from listening to him is that he imagines success as one part recruiting, one part coaching and one part culture-building. we hear kids from every sport talking about how they felt “family” here (or wherever). they’re going to be expected to baby-sit when the mother/ coach’s wife has to go to the restroom! and they’re going to learn (if they don’t know) how to shake a hand, look somebody in the eye, sit up in a chair, etc. healy has said as much. this is family. some of 'em might wish they’d never left home! but i can’t wait to see how it works! my guess is “well!”


my reply was to TRL’s post above.


All of the fatherly things are great for the society, but does it equals success. My guess is that he will have some cancers in the building, especially once the honeymoon is over and the discipline is required. I just hope that the coaches he puts together can move the players to win. I think Lambert did a great job with the life side of things. We have rarely had problems and there are some pretty good human beings that played ball at Charlotte. If Healy doesn’t win no one on this board will care about having good guys graduate. He will be replaced for a winner. Time will tell as to what we have.


dowless. my point is not that we win because all our guys go home and prepare their next-day’s Sunday school lesson right after the game, but that we begin to be seen as a program that takes building “men” with utter seriousness.
it is entirely possible that you have picked up on the fact that i am of another generation. so let me further expose myself as being one who listened to Bobby Dodd speak to every high school “football banquet” i ever attended.
whether it was true or not, he promised that “if you send a boy to Georgia Tech, we’ll send you home a man.”
i’m thinking this promise might just begin to rosonate again. if not…i’m glad i lived during the period that is coming to an end.


Yeah, I wasn’t knocking your point purposely. I actually posted above how I think his approach is successful in other businesses so I hope it is successful here. I was just saying that at the end of the day either this staff can coach or not. The development of good human beings would be a positive side effect to the ultimate goal of winning games.

I am no spring chicken either and do appreciate that aspect, but what I want to see most is people talking about what impact Charlotte is making on the college football landscape. Take Larry O. for example. The first thing that we say is “Damn, that boy can play.” Then it is “He also has a “real” degree and really seems to be a great guy.” Both can and should exist, but there are a lot of great guys that have degrees no one talks about.


Two thoughts I have on Healy’s staff so far:

  • Several of the coaches were with him at APSU, went elsewhere, and are now rejoining him. To me that says they believe in what Healy can do, and they endorse being able to do it at Charlotte.
  • Our QB coach, Mark Carney, coached Healy when he was in college, and I appear to be 23 years older than Carney. Dammit!


Winning will make you feel young again. Maybe @NinerWupAss too but I don’t think there’s any saving his decrepit body.


I’d only keep guys around if they gave me the best chance to win. Thankfully none of those guys are really impactful when it comes to gameday.


Sean Dawkins (Troy’s RB coach) will be joining as our RB coach.


Let’s go Peay! (I mean Niners!)