WKU Hilltoppers Game 1/3

WKU Hilltoppers (7-6, 0-0) @ Charlotte 49ers (3-8, 0-0)

Thursday, January 3, 2019 @ 7:30pm
(Halton Arena, Charlotte)

TV: BeIN Sports

C-USA preseason favorite WKU and the Niners open conference play in Charlotte. Hilltoppers are coming off arguably their best performance of the season in defeating #15 Wisconsin 83-76 on Saturday.



If we keep the margin under 20 it’ll be moral victory.

Charlotte +9 for tonights contest.

Bassey’s gonna be a handful…

Like a 20+ point handful.

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49er1 is in th’ house!! Yep early enough to get some chic fil
a gift cards.

Tried to watch online but the link on the Charlotte 49ers site says my browser is not supported. Anyone else having luck?

These refs suck. We would probably still be losing now anyway, but these refs SUCK.


That was an ugly game. Kudos to JD for putting up 24 points. Mangum came back from his recent slump with 12 points. No other 49er contributed much offensively.

We were outrebounded by double digits and only had six assists. Turnovers were limited to 10 which is a slight moral victory.

We need Martin and Robb to come back from their injuries. Just don’t have enough depth to compete now.

Swierad said in the postgame both hope play on the road trip next week.

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Imagine the score not having Davis on the team. Hopefully the upcoming freshman are ready day 1.

Davis: fg 8/17, 24 pts
Rest of team: fg 9/31, 26 pts

I thought Younger would be contributing more than he is after watching him earlier this season. This was a game he could have stepped up and showed what he could do.

Is there still a reason the shot clock is the opponents 6th defender on the court against us? It’s getting ridiculous. Can’t a terrible team get a shot up before 1-2 seconds before the shot clock expires? I have never seen this happen so many times. I’m not a coach but it kinda seems like a simple fix for a coach.

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Coach Fearne didn’t sugar-coat his post game comments, calling out Supica specifically and the rest of the team not named Davis in general. Definitely a brutal offensive show. And the announced attendance of 3,019 very generous and pretty sure they included all 18-20 NBA scouts on press row!