WKU Hilltoppers Game 1/3


Whoop dee frickin’ doo moment: as I was going out the door of Halton tonight, who’d a thunk the very tall young man who held the door for me would be (drum roll)… Antawn Jamison. I guess he was one of the 12 or so nba scouts there tonight.


Yep on Jamison of the Lakers. List of scouts in first reply to Rothstein’s tweet:


clt says Davis did well in front of the scouts


Supica getting two fouls in less than 4 minutes to begin the game was moronic. He has to be smarter than that.


Man reading through the shout box makes me wonder what you guys thought you were gonna see this season.

When Lutz was fired, we had a solid program, solid full rosters and were still with a recent history of NCAAs. I don’t think some of you appreciate how far down we are now. We are legit one of the worst programs in college basketball. We are playing with a new 1st year coach who has implemented a completely different system, with a small and limited roster that is highly dependent on freshman some of whom were recruited at the last minute. Add into that the injuries and this is what ya get.

This isn’t major taking over a full roster that had won 20 games and this isn’t Price who took over a talented roster. Where we are doesn’t get fixed or even close to fix in year one.

The only concern I have about the season thus far is the shot clock violations. We pass up some good shots during most of those failed possessions. I am curious if running down the clock is a directive from the staff to limit possessions and thus give us a better chance to win or if the players are scared to shoot earlier in the clock. I’m not convinced Sanchez is our Savior, but I’m not sure how anyone can make a call on him given the head winds he is currently coaching against.

The throw in the towel line to me is hilarious, if you were gonna tap out on this program it should have been when Judy made the hires she did. Major killed this program and Price threw dirt on our corpse. We are a zombie program right now, but our only direction to go is up. Why would you leave now when you rode the train into the ground? I can promise you Mike Hill isn’t going to stand by and just clap. Dude wants to win.

The ghost of failed “I know basketball” Judy Rose leadership looms large over this program. Her stink can’t be washed off so quickly.


Price took over a roster that had 3 guys. Talented?


He took over a team with woods, dorn, thorne, etc. The fact he couldn’t hold onto them doesn’t replace the fact the roster was there. A different hire maybe keeps those guys? Just illustrating there was talent there when he was hired.


Sanchez took over a team with Thomas and Garvin and couldn’t keep them straight.


That’s a bit different. Woods dorn and Thorne left in their own decisions. Thomas and Garvin and Murphy broke team/program/school rules. White left on his own.

If anything those guys are a further indictment on Price and the state of the program Sanchez took over.


It was hard watching any bit of the state vs Miami game seeing Dorin and Izundu playing at a high level


I thought Murphy just left to go JUCO and is now committed to Washington State. Was he kicked off the team as well?

If you are going to give Price a break for players leaving with the new coach then i think you have to do the same with Sanchez no matter the reason for them leaving.

I’m not sold on this style of play and it’s even harder to stomach with 7 players 5 of which are afraid to shoot. I’m hoping the incoming players are more ready then this current class but we still have a long way to go to be contending in conference.


I am not sure how Sanchez will work out in the long term, but as others have mention we at least have an AD that wants to win and knows and understand what it takes. Our program has been going downhill since the last few years with Lutz, but all of the past few coaches have had issues. Major could recruit, but could not coach at all. He would call a timeout to set up an inbounds play and throw it into the backcourt. Price was overwhelmed in recruiting/coaching and the whole process. I have never seen a team play defense so bad at this level in my life.
Sanchez comes from a good tree and the players are putting the effort out. I think this is the first coach in a long time that actually calls the players to details on defense especially. I think his plan is to be like UVA which is never going to be great to watch, but if we can win 52-50 instead of losing then I am good. I think we should see some improvement next year and then big improvement in year 3.

I know many are concern with Davis leaving and he has been a great player here, but if you watched even last night how much better the ball movement is when he is off the court. I think everyone just waits for him to take over and does not play their game.


He was disciplined at one point I think after Sanchez got hired, but then decided to transfer. Not sure the two are related.


Can’t really blame anyone from last years team for leaving after that train wreck. This year is a direct result of that decline. Non of this can really be put on Sanchez. White and Murphy would have really helped out with scoring this year but they understandably left for what they thought would be greener pastures. Garvin and Thomas would have provided defense, rebounding and experience but it sounds like they did not live up to the expectations that Sanchez has for his players off the court. The injuries to Vasic, Martin and Robb cannot be blamed on anyone. That’s basically 7 players that we do not have that were part of this team when Sanchez took the job. Sanchez may or may not turn out to be a good coach. That remains to be seen. However I don’t think there is a coach in the country that would be very successful under the circumstances he faces this year.


I’m just hoping Sanchez isn’t a one trick pony and can only coash one type player in one type of system,
and can’t adjust and win with the talent he brings in playing to their strengths and not necessarily a “style”.


I agree that Coach K could not win with these guys. I agree that Gavin and Thomas would have helped inside, but I think they have some issues last year with some behavior. White and Murphy would have help scoring which is what we need, but they would have had to buy in on defense as well.

I think we will get better, but we have a big climb. I have seen improvement this year unlike the past few years.


Let’s also have some patience guys. I know that we all want to win, but like woodniner said we have a big hill that we have to climb and it doesn’t happen in one day.
Obviously having Murphy and White would help a good bit, but we don’t, this roster is barely D1. After watching Cox Mill HS it wouldnt shock me if they could’ve given us a game last night.
Plus let’s not forget Sanchez is bringing in a pretty solid recruiting class and that guard from Oklahoma will be eligible next year. Future is bright.


Sanchez was standing up and coaching hard in the last minute of the game, losing by however many. Two years from now, Western Ky will be on probation with Stansbury off to ruin another desperate program somewhere and we will beat them nearly as badly as they did us last night.


How, oh How did we get here??? What a debacle.
Hard to believe how many smaller, lesser known schools
are so much better than us.


Mismanagement, we’ll be just fine though. Just gotta give Sanchez some time to actually implement stuff and get a few classes in