WKU Hilltoppers Game 1/3


PATIENCE is Needed


The best thing Niner fans can do this season is pretend it doesn’t exist. The same probably goes for next season.


Wasn’t sure which WKU team would show up last night - the one that’s beaten West Virginia, Arkansas, Saint Mary’s, and Wisconsin or the one that was 1-4 on the road (albeit that W vs the Razorbacks) and has suffered headscratching losses to Indiana State, Missouri State and Troy. Plus the defections, suspensions, and injuries that have left the Toppers somewhat shorthanded.

Anyway, with Stansbury benching the starters with about 15 minutes to go and giving deep reserves minutes most hadn’t seen this season, seems that the Toppers are finally living up to the preseason hype. I agree that when Davis was off the floor we did a better job of playing “team” ball, but the thought of no JD at all brings visions of a winless season.


I thought the biggest point of the FJR movement was to change the culture of our Athletic Department. Peter Drucker said “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”, and we are seeing Sanchez make those changes. This year is him showing that it is deeds not words, and if you do not play on both ends of the court you are not good enough to play for us. This year’s losses are the price for longer term success.