Wright State Thread

With the holiday not much has been posted, so I’ll cobble a few last second things.

GTG preview: http://greentintedglasses.net/2011/11/wright-or-wrong-niners-look-to-end-slide-against-raiders/
GTG game day: http://greentintedglasses.net/2011/11/niners-out-to-ground-wright-state/

Briscoe adjusting to new role (Observer, has its own thread): http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2011/11/26/2805755/49ers-briscoe-coming-to-grips.html

US Today: http://content.usatoday.com/sportsdata/basketball/ncaab/game/Charlotte_WrightSt/2011/11/26#preview

Dayton Daily News (blog): http://www.daytondailynews.com/blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/dayton/wrightstatesports/entries/2011/11/26/game_6_preview_charlotte_22_at.html

Any stream info yet?

Niner National posted this link… not sure if that’s audio or video at this point

audio is supposed to be here

That top link’s working great, and it’s a clear picture too. Well played, thanks for the help there.

Best produced link I've ever watched. Kudos to the Horizon league links they do it right.

Yup, Horizon League’s production > A10 production. Sad, but true.

[quote=“Ninerballin, post:6, topic:25936”]Yup, Horizon League’s production > A10 production. Sad, but true.[/quote]I blame Major for this!

Oh no, Major can not be blamed yet…its what Bobby left him. Lutz sucks, Lutz sucks… ::slight_smile:

clt says if briscoe was taller, this wouldn’t be an issue.

If Briscoe had played better at the start of the year, this wouldn’t be an issue.

If Briscoe had played better at the start of the year, this wouldn’t be an issue.[/quote]

If Briscoe had been starting and playing 25+ min a game this wouldn’t be and issue.

I thought we won?

Stating that Briscoe would have played better is completely subjective. Those first games, he didn’t earn more minutes. He started playing better, thus more minutes.


I agree. Its really the biggest weakness of the team.

91 TOs in 5 games…not good lol. However I do believe last game was our least outing and maybe under 20?

We committed 20 tos against Wright St :o


Glad we won this game. Seems like we lost by reading the this thread though.