Your most hated sports franchises/programs

Just for fun, heres mine…

  1. Duke Blue Devils
  2. LA Lakers
  3. Dallas Cowboys
  4. NY Yankees
  5. Memphis Tigers

Not far behind: New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, NC State Wolfpack…

OH and of course Kansas State!

  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. UNC Tarholes
  3. Memphis Tigers
  4. Yankees
  5. Miami Dolphins
  6. Red Wings
  7. Tony Stewart
  8. Redskins
  9. Steelers
  10. Stars

carolina??? YES SIR

and everybody that beat us this year

All NY teams.
All LA teams.
Ohio State

1 - unc - chapel hill tarholes
2 - kansas state turd stompers (or whatever their nickname is)
3 - whatever school huggins goes to next
4 - memphis tigers
5 - dallas cowboys
6 - new york yankees
7 - the nba hornets
9 - see #1 (this is the overflow hatred)
10 - see #1 (more overflow)

  1. Michigan
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. USC
  4. Chicago White Sox
  5. Miami
  6. St. Louis Cardinals
  7. Minnesota Vikings
  1. Red Sox
  2. Redskins
  3. Steelers
  4. Flyers
  5. Eagles
  6. Tarheels
  7. NC State
  8. Cowboys
  9. USC Trogans
  10. Duke

4. Chicago White Sox

WHAAAAT!? lol im guessing youre a cubbies fan

GO SOX :biggrin:

[QUOTE=Chisox17;166199]WHAAAAT!? lol im guessing youre a cubbies fan

GO SOX :biggrin:[/QUOTE]
yeah, way to rain out opening day, jerks
there’s no rain on the north side! hah

[QUOTE=clad;166200]yeah, way to rain out opening day[/QUOTE]

yeah i am super not happy about that…

For me it is not so much the franchises as much as the fans… here is my list.

NC State - Big Egos, little accomplishments in football or basketball (recently)
Carolina - Most fans couldn’t mop the dean dome let alone go to school there
Duke - Pompus A-Holes
Pitt Steelers - Shut up already
ATL Falcons - The Vick show and fair weather fans kill me
Calipari - Dirty
Huggins - Even Dirtier
Yankees - WOW you spend more money than everyone else, congrats
Notre Dame - Really every saturday in the fall on NBC? is that necessary?
Redskins - Grew up loving them, but Dan Snyder is the worst owener in the NFL

Why do Steeler fans need to shut up? Did you see me, Yinzer, or M9H running around yapping on this board after we won it all?

Right now its:

Yankees - WOW you spend more money than everyone else, congrats

yeah, but what does it get them? going on 6 years now with no championship.

  1. Red Sox
  2. Uconn

[QUOTE=allie49er;166217]Right now its:
I’d like to add:
Los Angeles Dodgers

  1. Dook
  2. Mansas St.


How any Niner fan can not hate them, I don’t know.

And, the feeling is more than mutual.

Liberty University


  1. Chicago Blackhawks
  2. Dallas Stars
  3. St. Louis Blues
  4. LA Kings
  5. All these new southern hockey teams


  1. Argentina (its a grudge)
  2. US Soccer (but I love the rest of the teams)


  1. US BASEBALL (how did US lose? Its their sport, they said they would own it, bunch of big mouths)
  2. Red Sox
  3. Dogers (made Canada look bad)


  1. UCLA
  2. Spurs
  3. Hornets
  4. KSU


  1. Raiders
  2. USC
  3. Eagles

I hate most Philly teams. Nothing specific, alot of small things. I dont like many west coast teams, California etc. I have nothin against Cali, but I guess its cause I’ve always been in EST.