2021-22 MBB - Charlotte @ #12 Arkansas, 12/7 9:00 PM SEC Network

Niners headed to Fayetteville “West” on Tuesday for a showdown with the top 10 Razorbacks.

One time Niners recruit filling it up:

And another great start for the Muss Bus:

clt says we win this one

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I have very limited basketball knowledge. But does anyone think Austin Butler plays a little like Dennis Rodman?

Austin gets a few rebounds so of course.

Undefeated Razorbacks (83 ppg) have four averaging double digits scoring though not particularly great as a whole at the 3 (28.9 %) or FTs (69.1 %). Opponents putting up 67.4 ppg. So far closest game has been a 6 point win over Cincinnati. Bud Walton Arena should be packed with 19,200!

Just looked at the Razorbacks schedule. In true P5 douchebag fashion, they have zero true road games outside of their conference.


Do we get paid for this game? Or is there a return?

I wonder if Musselman said “North Carolina dash Charlotte” or “North Carolina hyphen Charlotte” when making his plea?! :wink:

Can’t have it both ways. You have to expect no-shows when you schedule soft.
What the Hell is it with coaches complaining about their own fans lately? Don’t they always tell their players to “control what we can control” and not worry about the rest? Well, short of mass kidnappings, you can’t control crowd size.

Really needs a proofreader:

Says Charlotte has a strong offense, but was defeated by GW. Says the spread is 20 and Charlotte will keep it close, so pick Arkansas. :rofl:


Needs a proofreader too!

Predicting a beat down:

clt thinks we win

Imagonna start calling Butler “Wild Austin Butler”

Arkansas opened as 19.5 point favorites, current lines for various books. Also, look at the name, smh.