2022-23 College Basketball 🏀

Good thing, because Nevada getting doubled up in the first half by ASU (53-26) was red meat for the Conferences-get-bids,-not-teams crowd, who felt like the MWC “stole” bids that belonged to the ACC.

Nevada didn’t score for almost 8 minutes.

No denying MW hasn’t shown up the past 5 years:

Cincinnati about to end Va Tech’s season in the NIT. ACC sucks.

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Happy 18th consecutive sad bastard opening day of the NCAA Tournament everyone! #GoldStandard

When I was a student at Charlotte in the early 2000s I took for granted going to the NCAA tournament. I went to German class for the second half of the NC State game in 2005. If we ever make back I’m going to try to do whatever it to takes to go to the game in person.


clt sagt nicht sehr gut basketball spielen

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Day 3 starts with this 12:15pm tipoff:


Already two #1 seeds out with Rutgers and Clemson losing:


Interesting video. Is Brice describing his next ascent into bigger stage, better competition. Enquiring minds want to know.

One time Niner recruit:

Listening to the Westwood One radio coverage on ESPN 730 and JY referred to as the “little guard from Charlotte.” Hmm… :thinking:

The TV broadcast made mention that he played here for 3 years before “coming home” to play “just miles from Dematha”.

They made it sound more like being homesick than wanting to step up in competition.

Jahmir just picked up his 4th foul with over 13 to play while WVU was on a long run.

Maryland in trouble here. Down 41-47.