2023 49er Football Season 🏈

A loss is a learning experience so I’m ok with the coach speak. It needs to be followed up tho with ownership of that teaching and holding players accountable for success is the coaches job. Don’t throw the players under the bus, it’s on the coach to put them in a place to win.

Will need to find a QB, hopefully we can find one coming up short in the rotation somewhere after Spring practices with some playing experience, who transfers in.

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I think we have 4 possible breakout QB’s. The odds of getting 1 from these 4 are not that bad.

Spring game should tell us how whether we need another QB.

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Going into Spring how do you see the 4 deep at QB stacked up?


Of interest to me, looking at the roster posted there are 113 players and only 9 are either seniors or graduate students

And this isnt even our entire team. Recent signees havent been added yet. Thats 5 or 6 more players

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55fan, I assumed that there was a few more coming in before fall, but wow! I also assume that there will be some departures before fall and it would appear there will be a large number put on a redshirt season. Most significantly to me, only 7-8% will be graduating giving us a huge number eligible for the '24 season.

And we will be adding more after spring practice since there will be departures

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We are not used to having deep talent. We need that to have a consistent season. We are so much deeper at offensive and defensive lines. It’s incredible. On new guys, I don’t gel anymore that might become a starter this year or next year or 3rd year will be turned away if they fit the kind of kid they want.

Army and Navy run practices with like multiple scout squads, i believe they practice with as much as 150.

They have also brought guys from the stands at halftime to play in a game, including a QB!

Pretty good list of what we lost / had to replace.

I think Elijah Spencer is the only notable name not shown above.

Spencer doesnt play for us. Plus hes still in college

Yes, somehow I edited the post and deleted the first sentence. It’s fixed now.

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Not the best thread to ask, but I’ve always wondered why the outer padded helmets aren’t worn during games? If they make practice safer, why are we not trying to make games safer?