2023 49er Football Season 🏈

Just so many unknowns, at the very least we need to win our two OOC home games to go 2-2 (baring some miracle in Maryland or Florida)

Then maybe, Rice, Tulsa, South Florida… FAU?

That would be 6 but everything would have to go perfect for us to do that with a new coach and so many new players… it could happen I guess…

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Many of the opponents have experienced or highly recruited QBs, so that is the point.

No one really knows Poggi system as he hasnt coached at College level (only college experience is as an off field analyst) so question will be how he competes with or without a highly regarded QB.

Hill had probably vetted the system that will be deployed😁….

I think the assistant coaches we have now are far superior to what we had previously under Lambert and Healy.

Healy didn’t recruit well and tried to do so on his undeserved reputation. Lambert was really poor at recruiting and it showed.

I have more faith in Poggi than I have had since we started in 2013. Well I did have faith in Mike Houston for a couple of days. At least if we lose, he (Poggi) will be fun to have around for a couple years.

My instincts say we will win though.

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Do you need a ticket to attend the spring game?

Yes. Unless you work for HBO? Anyone with news on HBO? Is HBO filming the spring game?

In the past you did not need to produce a ticket for the spring game.

HBO is filming through the end of the season.

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That’s fantastic news that they’re doing the whole season, now win and we launch.

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Yeah, this would be the best exposure window we have had since the Final 4.

No pressure Poggi, but my goodness do we need to nail this.

If they want a full spring stadium, the word about hbo filming should be distributed more towards the alumni and the general public.

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This tweet has me way too hyped. I can’t wait to see how we look at the spring game.


Ratliff, Hogan and Holtz. Nothing wrong with any of the others, but I really dig these three


Are we sure they’re legal? Sorry I’m never going to let that go haha.

Yea I’m as excited for this Spring Game as I have been for a long time.

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Why the sleeves?

clt likes that A

Popped up on my YouTube suggestions again. No other reason. But reminds me why I’m so excited about 49er football.