2023 Football Recruiting Thread


And from his 247 profile:

:star::star::star: 84

Athletic Background

Also competes in track and field events. As a junior, took 3rd at Florida’s 1A state track meet in the long jump. Also part of a 4x100 squad that placed 4th.

2022: Caught 35 passes for 606 yards and 6 TD. Also carried the ball 35 times for 287 yards and 4 more scores. Helped Chamiande-Madonna Prep capture at Florida 1M title.
-Andrew Ivins


Solid pick-up. Seriously doubt he only has an offer from us.

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Sounds like he could be a good PR/KR with his speed

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I think the 1A school probably limited his visibility with bigger programs who primarily shop further up the food chain.

Doesn’t mean he can’t play. They just don’t fish much in those waters.

Might be too small for PR. Can see a jet sweep, bubble screen , reverse type threat. Lots of teams incorporate that type of speed in their system.

Really good quickness, could be a good slot WR

Agreed. Does not have top end speed yet. But quick out of breaks and recieves the ball well at full speed. Slot receiver, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman upside. Plus plays at a National powerhouse and could help build a pipeline down the road.

Nickel corner

Did anyone read the replies below this from Coach Oz? We getting Florida better. It’s hot!

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Yep, getting replies like that. And look at the caliber player they are telling us to look at. This DL is posting his fantastic grades, and he already has offers from ACC and SEC schools:

(BTW, I’d recruit this guy immediately)


I don’t care about his book IQ as long as his football IQ is strong and he can help us win. But yeah, I’ll take that and a book smart kid too. I know what you mean.

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Kid has offers from Southern California, Miami, Auburn, Louisville, UCF, and Colorado. Yeah, I’ll take him.

79 on weight lifting exam. Tighten up!!


The question is…will Stone be eligible next season?

6’1 225 LB


Not a ton of info on this guy. So far I haven’t found a profile on any of the major services.

We just offered him 2 days ago:

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As much as I can gather - it looks like he was at Dematha, transferred to Centreville, then transferred back to De Martha for his senior season last July. Could be one reason why he doesn’t have high visibility.

Could also be a PWO.

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