2023 Softball 🥎

You are missing the fact that if her 4 FULL years are put next to the records, she would still break them. It’s actually 4 and a half seasons, by the way, not five. The 2020 spring seasons were cut short.
I don’t recall any of the players whose offensive records she is breaking throw out runners attempting to steal as a catcher one game and next game throw out a runner
trying to advance on a fly out as a right fielder , either.
If she deserves an asterisk, its because she has had an actual coach over the last four years, as opposed to what previous players didn’t have.

No idea wtf that is supposed to mean as it relates to my point.

Again…Boo is arguably the greatest softball player to ever suit up as a Niner. LOVE her and everything about her.

But she passed the school RBI record earlier this year…in her 5th year…
She is currently 1 hit away from breaking the school record for hits…again, in her 5th year.

For the records she is breaking in year 5…the girls whose records she is breaking set those records in 4 years.

Just seems like a distinction should be made. It really shouldn’t be that hard to understand.

There’s always that one guy right? I remember metro complaining when Aaron Bray broke the school hits record because we played in the A-10.

Softball season was cut in March 2020 after only 1 conference series, only 20 or so games in. She is just now getting close to the number of games she would have had if 2020 hadn’t been wiped out. Haley Pace played in 198 games. She has the hits record. Vannoy has now played 206.

People get medical redshirts all the time after playing games in the season they get hurt in. This is no different. Those stats count.

Vannoy is going to get about 20 games more but she had already passed most of the career records in roughly 3.5 seasons.


So I’m the only guy in the universe that thinks playing an extra season…approximately an extra 20 games more than ANY other player in school history…is something that should be considered when breaking records?


And…that is FAR more reasonable and not even remotely close to Metro’s argument.

Agree in principle, for the fact we continue to say the “covid year didn’t count”, so why should the stats for the covid year count for those taking advantage of the extra year. That being said, Vannoy is in my opinion the best softball player Charlotte has had to date.

Boo still has 16 more games to play before she’s played the most games as a 49er.


We interrupt this discussion to report the news: Niners and FAU in a scoreless game in the top of the fifth.

Not any more FAU just hit a homer

Agreed. Every word.

Let’s wait til the season is over, subtract whatever happened in the short 2020 season, and compare stats then. I’m confident Boo will come out ahead.

Ladies lose 0-4 to FAU. Their pitching held us to only 2 hits.

Ladies pull out win in second game today 3-2 with a homer by Washington in the 9th inning


Ariana Grande Boo GIF by 2020 MTV Video Music Awards

Very good series win.

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Just watched replay of the bottom of the 7th inning. Niners down to their last out 4 times and last strike twice. Reverse of pullling a Niner.

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Another mid-week ACC foe.

Saw several of the girls at the game last night
supporting the guys.
Bailey has quite the dance moves!

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