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Put the Halal Cart just off campus in there. Student attendance would double overnight :rofl:

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Am I the only non student food trunk junkie?

I could even run down a list of some of my faves in town, though some of them don’t appear to have survived Covid.

in general, I find food trucks overpriced and of mediocre quality. There are a few exceptions, but on the whole they’re underwhelming.

Halal cart is one of those exceptions. Would eat Halal Cart every day.

Not sure how official sponsors Bojangles and Dominos would feel about it. Not sure how those deals are arranged.

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I know food trucks have been brought in for men’s soccer on occasion.

I haven’t had that. Most of the ones I have liked are closed. Pretty sure Tacos Rick-O is still going but last time I ate there it was parked Hoppers?

Tin Kitchen I think is still going too.

No good sandwich / burger ones left that I know of.

My brother in law owned a food truck in Raleigh.

I think some are good but as a whole I think many are overpriced and poor food considering the price. 10 years ago there were some really good ones - feels like food trucks have jumped the shark.

The best tacos ive ever had are at a food truck called taqueria medina. I havent seen the truck in a while but they have a brick and mortar too

I used to frequent Papi Queso when I was downtown. They now have brick and mortar as well. Loved their Pig Mac grilled cheese sandwiches

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