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Must be nice for a state to support a school and city instead of shitting on you.


Will the renovations be done by next season when we play them there?

$5M gift for ECU:

Was ot a donation, or did they borrow it from their med school?

The donor seems to be keeping his head above water:

Good for them, they get stuff done there.

Source: USF OCS Financials Update

Absolutely. It got a lot of buzz. No question. Because there’s a difference between talking about a vision and, ‘Hey, the money is there and it is happening and people in our city and our state recognize the importance of it and they’re willing to invest.’ That sends a huge message about not only what we can be, but the fact that we have the capacity and the passion and all that here to compete at that level.

Yep. All I can do is smdh…

clt says we need a taxpayer funded expansion

Who do you think we are, NC State?


Actually can add a number of other UNC schools not located in the Queen City to a list of taxpayer assistance, but State is prominent.

I have read only 18 university athletic programs are profitable. But I think state taxpayers contributed funds to PNC Arena. I think I remember that, but I could be wrong. Maybe someone else remembers.

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The whole setup is pretty ambitious:

The Bulls intend to borrow the other $200 million over 20 years with an estimated taxable fixed interest rate of 5.5%. They plan to service that debt — about $17.8 million per year — with new revenues from the stadium like ticket sales, concessions, parking and sponsorships. Attendance and on-field results, then, will be critical in whether USF hits projections that chief financial officer Richard J. Sobieray called conservative.

They’ve gotta earn almost $18M a year just to service the debt.