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Miss Bonnie deserves more, but probably would be embarrassed by even this.

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She does deserve more. We need a statue of her where the tower once stood. She would not want it, but without her none of this is possible. She has not sough to elevate herself, but I do.



Could not agree more strongly.



I hope we someday build a building named after our current chancellor, then tear it down.



UNC System Chairman says, “know your role.”


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“UNCC needs to be in the business of educating kids and improving its graduation rate, not developing a hotel,” Smith says. About 40% of students entering UNC Charlotte do not earn a degree within five years, a middling performance among the 17-campus system, according to UNC System data.

Can anyone reflect on why this is the case? Are there unique conditions at our university that create these results?



This says there’s another 9.5% that graduated from another 4-year school, so transfers account for some of that.



Part time is another reason.



Being in a metro area, we have a lot of non traditional students that take a lot of years to complete a degree, or never do because life gets in the way.

Quakity if students is an issue to a degree as well, but our standards have been rising for years so as long as that continues it should be less responsible for the low four year grad rate.



Once again Charlotte didn’t get permission from folk in the Big House to do something that benefits/enhances Charlotte, and the Big House folk get their baby blue panties in a wad. Assholes.

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or possibly purple in this case as well…



clt applauds dubois for this. This is a bold move to go against the mothership.



Actually the System Chairman is the one who needs to know his role, and that role is not one of overseeing whether or not UNC Charlotte builds a hotel with its own money. He’s entiltled to his opinion as a private citizen and Dubois and the University are entitled to ignore that opinion.



They don’t like the idea of us taking small to mid-size academic conferences away from the Triangle (Charlotte is much more fun) and post-docs and junior faculty will love our campus when they see it and be more likely to take jobs here.



Where is the Bonnie Cone statue? The Sugar Creek Greenway has statues of historic Charlotteans. Putting her statue there would be appropriate because Charlotte College started at the Central High campus. The Sugar Creek Greenway is next to CPCC, where Central High and Charlotte College were located.



it is at our Center City campus. Your idea is a good one though. Also, she ABSOLUTELY should have a statue on campus as well though.



Unless there are 2 statues, then THE one should be on our current campus.



No one can have anything nice except for UNC Cheat I guess. I will be donating to this project through the foundation just to stick it to this jackass.

As far as our graduation rates go. Are they giving us any credit for all the grads that start somewhere else and finish here? Cause it’s a lot. As previously noted by another poster we are a large city with many non traditional students. This isn’t a fucking little liberal arts college in the mountains. Get a grip dude. We have like 100K alumni and growing

As far as the idiot who said we had plenty of hotel space in the area, you don’t think he’s not pleased that a non profit will be the owner here do you? This hotel is more than reasonable for the area. Not to meantion the fact that the area is poised for massive growth.

Thank god this is outside UNC Board control or we could kiss this goodbye.

Jesus we can’t do anything without people getting pissy in the triangle. How the HELL did we get the train to campus?? I’m shocked they didn’t pass a law that forced Charlotte to end the line before it crossed Harris blvd.

Honestly this school is getting so big that it’s going to start growing exponentially just because of size, impact on our city and alumni base and influence.

Would everyone please get the hell out of the way please?

Why not go find another campus to give discounted tuition to that doesn’t need it (yes I’m looking at you WCU)? Just leave Charlotte alone.



clt loves the idea of donating to this project, and then emailing a copy of the Venmo to the board chair.