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Tepper shares a lot of the same traits as Daniel Snyder - if he screws this hire up - that will lock it up for me.

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A lot of Wilks fans are gonna be disappointed.

As for the team:

Matt Corral might be a good starter QB if he’s put in the work.

clt is hearing lutz will be OC

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Frank gonna be under alot of pressure because of all rhe Wilks support.
Wish him nothibgbut success…Wilks too.

Anyone think Wilks could stay on as DC or is that pie in the sky?

He won’t.

Yep. He’s already said he’s coaching elsewhere. Good luck to him and the Panthers.

I’m pretty close to not giving Tepper any more of my money. Been a PSL Owner for 23 years. I wonder how much ticket prices will increase?

Frank Reich is not a bad coach but they did Wilks dirty IMO.


The more let this stir the more I agree about how they did Wilks, 9-7 made it to the playoffs this year, Wilks got us to 7-10 after taking over a huge mess with the team wanting to tank, Tepper had it in his mind he had to get an offensive guy…

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but it does seem the Super Bowl is coached by an Offensive guy the last 10 years, NE and Bilicheck is probably the only Defensive coach that has won it recently… just hope we aren’t sitting through another 5 win season next year cause we could have had that with keeping Rhule!

Tepper said from the outset that Wilks would have to do an incredible job to be considered for the gig. While we can agree Wilks did pretty good with the circumstances, I’m sure Tepper doesn’t consider 6-6 “incredible.”

Tepper also discussed wanting an offensive minded head coach. Since 2018, 18 of the 20 coaches that have reached the conference title games have offensive minded head coaches.

It definitely sucks for Wilks, no doubt. He’s easy to root for and he’s a hometown guy. Time will tell if they made the right decision. I’m far from a Tepper apologist, but if he learns from his mistakes and gets the organization to consistent winning, nobody will care.

Anything is possible. I wonder why I think Tepper will be very slow to learn. :laughing:

Frank is clearly a better option, in my view. And not meant to knock Wilks. Reich has done ok for longer as a head coach. I prefer him to get our next Panthers QB ready to win. If I am Reich, I cut Darnold no matter the cap hit. If our QB is on that roster now, it’s Matt Corral. Don’t be surprised if Trubtchsky is brought in and it plays out exactly how it did in Pittsburgh. I hope not. Hopefully the Panthers draft a qb and he competes with Corral

As a fan, I’m really tired of starting over and then failing again. We had something good going with Wilks, finally some positive momentum for the franchise. He was a DJ Moore excessive celebration penalty away from taking this team to the playoffs.

I understand that the league has shifted more to an offensive game, but this franchise has always had a defensive identity. All our best teams and most of our best players in franchise history have been on the defensive side. Personally I don’t think it matters which side of the ball your HC has a background in, as long as he is a good CEO and leader of men. Wilkes was that.

We have a good foundation and I hope Reich can take over and win right away. We can’t take another 3 years to win.


Tepper doesn’t know shit about how important chemistry is to a TEAM. I’ll continue to be a fan with PSLs and attend faithfully, but damn, this makes me ill how this turned out for Wilks. No matter, he will be successful elsewhere. Best wishes, coach Wilks.

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Well said! Next year is going to be telling, if we have another season with 6 or less wins it wasn’t a good hire, the NFL is a what have you done lately league, as fast as the Eagles went from 4 wins to 9 to NFC champ game, hell even Fox turned it around pretty quickly, time will tell if Reich can do the same.

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This is what pisses me off about people saying there was no way Wilks would get the job. What have you done lately? Well Wilks went 6-6 with an awful team that got the previous coach fired. Reich, whether he’s going to be good for us or not, was fired for his 3-5-1 record. So a guy that has the buy in from the locker room and took a 1-4 team and finished the season with a .500 record (with one of the worst offensive coordinators) or a guy that was just fired for a bad record and has to build his culture now?


Ironically, guy who replaced Reich in Indy won just one game but hearing Saturday will probably get the permanent gig!

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