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clt says Saturday doesn’t win on Sunday


He went 6-6. Enough for me. I would have been fine if he got the job, but this ain’t the second coming of Vince Lombardi

I think their owner has a man crush on Saturday. Bill Polian and Tony Dungy built the Colts championship team core. Manning kept it going and won championships. Irsay just stayed wasted. Reich will be solid coach

Counting Wilks and Reich, the Panthers have had 7 head coaches in under 30 years. The Steelers have had 3 coaches in the past 54 years!

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Precisely. 6-6 is hardly an “incredible job.” In the biggest game of the season, Wilks cowered by not going for a 4th & 1 at the 45. Defensive head coaches play to not lose the game while most offensive coaches try to win. You still need defense to win in today’s NFL but this isn’t the 80’s or 90’s.

I like Wilks but Tepper laid it out from the get go. If he wasn’t from Charlotte, people wouldn’t be throwing a stink. It also shows how damn bad Matt Rhule was.

Again, nobody should be directing any ill will toward Reich. The man can coach. The GM is somehow still employed in Indy. Reich isn’t perfect, but the man has shown he can coach.

Tepper consistently shows he can not/will not do what is right. The Panthers as a team, they are in my blood almost like a relative…but I absolutely loathe Tepper. He’s like someone who has married into the family who everyone hates. Wilks will, unfortunately, most likely NEVER get another shot as a HC. This thing was absolutely tee’d up for him…but ONLY due to his OWN HARD WORK with EVERYTHING stacked against him.

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6-6 has Interim HC
3-13 as HC at Arizona

He’s a good man, a good good coach, a Charlotte guy, but he ain’t Bill Parcels

Neither is Reich haha.

6-6 with a QB combination of Darnold, Mayfield, and Walker is excellent imho (the Panthers were also completely robbed in the ATL game).

I hope Reich succeeds here and it’s a decent hire but with Tepper meddling it’s going to be difficult to win. His “way” after three years has more in common with the Snyder way than the Pittsburgh way.

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Mike Tomlin started the season 2-6 with a rookie qb starting most of the season. Tomlin finished 9-8 in probably the toughest division the NFL. Tomlin has never had a losing season-ever. Wilks went 6-6 in the weakest division in the NFL and was 3-13 as head coach in 2018. Wilks should not be treated like he’s Mike Tomlin.

Reich has 4.5 seasons as an NFL head coach with a winning record overall. Reich had a franchise QB for one year, and Luck was wounded and was in the process of retiring by then, in my opinion. Luck left the organization stranded and Reich made the best of a bad situation thereafter

The optics don’t look good when you pass over an interim coach who was 6-6 in 2022 and then hire a guy that was fired less than 3 months ago for going 3-5-1 in 2022.

Also doesn’t look good when you plaster “END RACISM” in the end zones at the stadium and pass over the opportunity to hire one of the few African American coaches in the NFL. Not saying that it was wrong, but it just doesn’t look good.

I think Reich is a good coach, but I hope we didn’t make another mistake.


That’s pretty incredible.

It is. Hopefully he gets at least one more SuperBowl. If Tomlin does, he’s probably a first ballot hall of fame coach.

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He should be first ballot HOFer for keeping that dumbass Antonio Brown in line for the years he did

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I get your opinion and these are just mine. I would consider Flores before Wilks.

People would have been upset if the Panthers hired a guy of any color that started as an assistant at 2-6, finished 6-6 as an interim head coach, and previously been fired after one season in Arizona as a head coach that went 3-13.

A clean break makes sense to me, but for God’s sake, build something where winning can be sustainable. That means to me, focus more on your scouting and assistant coaches instead of a freakin dome stadium and screwing over little governments in SC!


Report: Reich eyeing Fangio as Panthers’ DC

Assuming this mock is somewhat accurate… I think I’d rather trade up if possible (see values table above) and get Stroud. Maybe as much as #9, #40 and #128 for #3 or #4, if necessary. But that just my opinion.

What do you guys think?

I hate giving up multiple picks to move up some spots and gambling on players.


I agree, years ago we were stupid to pass on Justin Fields… the same guy that has a 5-20 record as a starter, plus for every top 10 QB pick like Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold there is a Justin Fields and Russel Wilson… I don’t know the answer but I wouldn’t give up to much just to get one guy that you have no idea if he will pan out or not.

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I feel like we are going to draft Levis and he will set a rookie record for INTs. That’s my gripe about him. While it’s hyperbole to say he completes as many passes to the other team as his own, I bet there are a bunch of Kentucky fans who believe it’s true.

Maybe Reich could fix that.