Carolina Panthers 🐈‍⬛

This entire staff in front office are as big of a joke as the last regime was.

Blow it all up and start over.

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Freaking Clown Show!!!
Might be offensive to clown shows though.

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I turn on the Panthers to see how they are doing. A Panther promptly commits a horse collar AND a face mask on the same tackle. Never seen that before. I turn off the Panthers. Its a beautiful day to get out in the yard.

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Will Jim Harbaugh be the next head coach of the Carolina Panthers?

Probably. He is a good coach, who would stand up to Tepper, so I would be good with Jim, or his brother if we were so lucky

Haven’t heard anything linking him with the Panthers among those who think he will jump back to the NFL. Would think there will be more attractive landing spots if he does decide to leave Michigan.

I was kind of surprised when he left San Francisco. We need a Panthers coach that is tough, offense and QB-minded, and who will stand up to Tepper. Arguably up for speculative debate, Reich did not do the latter.

  • new coach
  • new qb
  • new gm
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clt says you can only pick one, and owner isn’t an option

That’s pretty hard. I vote present

y’all seem to be forgetting the old adages. The boss ain’t always right but he’s always the boss. And, The Golden Rule. The man with the most gold makes the rules.

I don’t care if you resuscitate Lombardi, Tepper is gonna have his way whether we like it or not.

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there seems to be more smoke about harbaugh going to the bears from the people I know

clt says amato was spotted at CLT!

4th and 6. Down 7. 2 minutes to go. Panthers at their 25 yard line. They throw freaking screen for 2 yards, maybe. My God that is a terrible play call! Did Matt Canada call that one? Game over. Say hello to 1-10

clt says the panthers would be better today with baker, cmc, dj moore, and our 23 and 24 first round picks


That is one of the smartest things I have read that summarizes what Tepper did to the Panthers

Reich is out.