Charlotte @ FAU 10/3 4PM ESPNU

This one hurt, we should not have lost that game.


Horrible play calling . I’m presuming this is Carney at his best?

Why not Throw it deep and use the tight end. Why don’t we snap the ball when they jumped offsides or at least have the offensive lineman move In response. I hate losing.

#overit. My new outlook is to not be optimistic anymore this year. This was a dagger to the heart. I don’t care what the Vegas line was, this was our game to absolutely lose and, as usual, didn’t surprise. It sounds bad, but I’m just over it. Good teams win games they are supposed to win, Great teams win games that you weren’t supposed to win. And then there’s us.

I will never stop pulling for this team and spending an absorbent amount of money driving to and from Raleigh to watch the games, buying apparel, and maintaining my 4 FSL’s, however somebody’s got to give us fans something to be proud of when we wear the colors around town.

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W may not win 3 games this year. This was awful and we should have been up 20 points at halftime but we did not stay aggressive.


How about we quit waiting until 1 second left to snap the ball? Maybe push their defense to the brink a little and hurry up when we make a big play. Oh well. Ready to tailgate with 7% of the 9ers at our lot if the Gov. will let me. I really hate COVID-19. This all just stinks.


Lost the turnover battle 1-0 too. And that TO was a killer.

We used to force a lot of TOs … Committed a bunch too, but usually came out ahead. What happened?


This has been a frustrating year. It’s not an exaggeration to say that’s the most talented team we will play all year.

Their D line absolutely dominated our offensive line all game long. I’m not going to sit here and say that Carney was Joe Brady, but it’s really hard to move the ball when you are getting beat up front like that, and we did.

Cruz has to be better. Don’t know what else to say, or how else to say it. If he makes even one of those kicks, it’s a totally different game. Who knows if the ending would have been the same, but then we just kick a field goal to win it.

I did feel like we missed an opportunity by not going for 2 to get to 18. That ended up biting us in the rear as well.

Mental mistake took a touchdown off the board. Those are devastating plays.

I thought defensively we were pretty good today. Tronti (barfs) made some really good throws on two of those drives. The one that killed me was the 49 yard run. We failed to pursue and catch their QB because much of our defense was running their mouth at the other team. Which they were doing all day long to us as well, but you have to be in the moment.

We left entirely too many points on the board today. That’s the long and short of it.

Romeo Mcknight is a baller. Tyler Murray as well. I thought Mikal Horton (I think that’s how you say it) was incredibly good for us today, and it was a back breaker when we lost him. Offensively, I thought Chris was really good. Vic and Zubac made some nice plays.

It was always going to be a weird year. Sucks to take two L’s to two good teams the way we have.

We lost a game we should have won Clayton. All those words area just words.


No argument from me

Everyone CALM DOWN!!!, when we all were looking at our schedule before season started this is one we all circled as a L. They are defending Conf Champs. We lost a lot of starters etc… Should we have won? yes, did we have many many chances? yes. We will learn to win and not let teams back into games. Lot of shit to work on, Tackling being one.


I think we have to stop always saying that the other team was a really good team. That seems to always be our jaded pill every time we lose. FAU played like a DIII team (especially Tronti) in the first half which a good team would had taken advantage of by racking up more than 10 points. This was a game that should have been more than winnable… it should have been a slaughter in the first half alone. Again, these were the first snaps for this team with minimal practice. This isn’t the FAU of old, so I refuse to give them credit by saying they played great. They just simply played the way we let them play, which for us never turns out well.


It is hard to keep calming down as many have told us to calm down since 2013. I’m tired of calming down because as a passionate fan, I’m ready for us to be expected to win. At some point, we have to start being simply pissed off, and by the way, that’s OK!


I wonder what the record is of teams that win TOP by 16+ minutes?

Especially when they only commit 1 TO.

We don’t have a killer instinct yet. Our red zone offense is pitiful. I love my Niners and will be there if they let me into the stadium but we have to start manhandling teams like FAU. That’s 2 games in a row where we simply let the other team win. We are /were equal or better than both of them and just didn’t execute. I put this one on the coaching. Go Niners!

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100% agree with you, it’s great to be disappointed. I am disappointed to. I just want to break the Charlotte curse!!. I call it that. No matter what the sport we find a way to lose in critical games. I am an old Niner, been watching this shit for a while.

I am disappointed, happy for the effort, didn’t like the mistakes. We have to learn how to finish. In all sports

Play calling late in the second quarter and third quarter looked like we were protecting a 20 point lead & trying to run out the clock. Our offense is pretty good when we are aggressive but we took our foot off of the gas for too long. When we were playing from behind the offense looked good again. Hopefully Carney is learning from his mistakes. This one pisses me off. It’s time to win this conference and starting with a win against last season’s champion was laid out in front of us for the taking and we F’ed it up.


clt says fau is the best team we have played this year

I agree. FAU is indeed the best team we have played from the state of Florida with an owl as their mascot this year.:stuck_out_tongue:

Georgia State manhandled ECU today. Might be a good thing we didn’t play them last week. Guess it’s tough being Mike Houston now. I don’t know if GSU is that good or ECU is that bad. I think the later but…

D played well enough to win. Play calling was better than at App but still way off. We’ve lost all the creativity we had last season. Got to covert those kicks too. I don’t feel like we are way off but I also feel like we have lots to fix. This offense has the talent to put points on the board and we should have been able to pull this out.

Credit to FAU they were getting punked in the first half and responded. We got out coached and out played especially in the 3rd.

With how this season is going never know if the next game is happening so even more disappointed in the result. No where near throwing the towel in on the season though.

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