Charlotte Hornets

But MJ went to Chapel Cheat so he’s allowed to act like a moron here to the dumbass masses

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clt bets good ol roy will get the job. aw shucks

Of everyone left I would go with Stotts if he’s still interested but I haven’t heard him mentioned this time around

clt says mark price is available.

What’s bobby doing?

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comedy central GIF by Drunk History


Can’t wait to hear what we are getting. Saddiq Bey?

We should get Mark Williams with this next pick and we will be keeping him.

Thank god they didn’t screw up that pick. Good pick at 15.

Now let’s see what the hell this trade is.


They got Milwaukee 2025 pick??? What the hell. That sucks.

Do the Hornets realize that Milwaukee is one of the best teams in the NBA and that pick will NOT be in the lottery???

Jesus they should have kept both bigs rather than that.

This trade just doesn’t make sense from a value perspective.

They could have gotten much better than that.



The Charlotte Hornets drafted two centers in the first round of the NBA draft — trading one and keeping the other, reports CBJ news partner WSOC-TV. Duke University center Mark Williams will be staying in the Queen City.

clt says what?