Charlotte Hornets 🏀

Someone has to fill the void resulting from the Panthers’ failure to sign Deshaun Watson.



Hard not to move down in odds when you fire a coach that had your team improving over time AND you have a future max player get charged with a critical felony right before free agency that most likely forces you to pull his qualifying offer and another key player caught with 5 pounds of pot and facing a felony charge.

Only 1 of these three is self inflicted.

This team needs a stroke of good luck.

It’s had plenty of bad luck.

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  Self-inflicted ones count too!   Sheeish!     Is MBS available?

I know Borrego had improved their record over the last 3 years but they were a terribly undisciplined team, especially on defense. There were probably 10-15 games this past season where they went down by double digits in the 1st quarter, never recovered & just looked unprepared to play. One of those games being the play in game. It also sounds like the front office wanted the Rookies to play more & Borrego did not. I was surprised when he was fired but looking back on it I can see how they felt like this team should have won even more than they did if they were more disciplined. The coaching search was a mess but I don’t think firing Borrego was as bad of a decision as it seemed when it happened. You have to look at more than just their improving record. They left a lot of wins on the table that could have been had with better preparation & discipline.

I’m a little shocked they didn’t pull his qualifying offer but my guess is they got legal advice not to do so in case he is found not guilty and we maybe get sued (maybe seems like a stretch). Here’s the thing. If he’s on work release or on bail. Will the Hornets actually hold their nose to play him before a verdict? I’m assuming if he is found guilty it will nullify his contract and they walk away Scott free.

There is another angle here that they may not have wanted to pull the financial rug out from under his family. Assuming the allegations are true if they pulled the offer there would have been no income to take care of his family. With very little notice.

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