Charlotte to Hire Michigan associate Head Coach Biff Poggi as new Head Football Coach

I believe Tom had a son go to Charlotte. It seemed his voice in regards to the 49ers changed around that same time. Just goes to show that even though journalists claim to be unbiased, it’s hard to keep that bias completely out.



Do we have any idea when assistants will start to be announced?

He mentioned most were still under contract. Most teams did not play a week 0 game like we did. I would assume next week we will begin to hear more.


Running a " pro" style offense and defense helps you in recruiting. Kids all think they are going pro so you sell the kid we are already running the system that you will need to know moving forward. Think the Harbaugh name with Baltimore will help as much as Jim at UM.

I dont know if he can Coach or not but I do know that he has the connections and resources to find coordinators that do know how. Mike is sticking with the same trend as Healy and probably the way of college FB moving forward.

He is an old school John Fox / Joe Gibbs type of Coach. Run the ball. Stop the run. Throw over the top for big gains and make you one deminsonal on offense to come after you. The biggest question is can we get the offensive and defensive lines to run that scheme at the G5 level. His offensive and defensive line coach hires will be real interesting.


I think it’s telling Mike has mention a few times something to the effect of how important it was to get a guy with extensive network after Will obviously had a very limited network.

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And not only was Will’s network limited he only hired people in his network and wouldn’t fire them, turned out to be his undoing.


Most coaches hire coaches from their network so I never really cared about that. The issues is if you won’t move on when it’s clear ya need to.


clt says that headline is poop


Finally had the chance to sit down and watch the HBO docu-series “The Cost of Winning” last night. Was really drawn in to the story of this team so I wanted to look them up and see where they were now.

St Frances had 14 players listed in the Top 50 players out of Maryland that year on 24/7 so I looked up those guys. One has already committed to Charlotte another transferred in last season, could we see more?

Some are stars, some are not getting much PT at P5 programs, and some have transferred.

EDIT: Forgot that Statham transferred in this season.


It’s easy beating the crap out of teams when you can lure way more talented players with treasure than your opponents. Time will tell if Biff can do similar recruiting results here when we are starting on as a disadvantaged small business relatively speaking.

I definitely wouldn’t say what he did was easy. He basically gave scholarships for kids to play football. Some were from the area. For the players that weren’t local, he was recruiting them to come to an inner city Baltimore school that was 200 years old, sitting next to a prison, with no football facilities.

They were also playing a national schedule of the best teams in the country that also brought in players from all over the place, like IMG Academy etc.


“Mike Hill sent me a text the other day. He had his first visit with Honeywell, which just relocated, and he asked them for a rather large gift,” Poggi says. “Well, the guy at Honeywell said, ‘I hear Biff Poggi’s your new coach.’ Mike goes, ‘How do you know him?’ He goes, ‘I’ve known him for years.’ So I think we’ll be able to get in those boardrooms and not have any fallout. We can speak that language. Been speaking it for 35 years.”

Hill says Poggi accepted the job without asking about salary, and the coach is putting his money where his mouth is regarding what the program needs—Poggi says he will donate around $500,000 of his own money to the football program to help with staff pools and bridge the fundraising gap. (Poggi also did this at the high school level.) If Charlotte was previously lagging behind Conference USA programs from a budgetary standpoint, that gap is only going to widen when they move to the AAC.


Poggi will continue that work but in a different way, as his background includes a successful spell running a hedge fund. He’ll use that experience in Charlotte, one of the South’s financial centers with connections that extend to the uptown skyscrapers a few miles away from campus.

clt says Charlotte is not a southern financial center, but a global financial centre

Michael Stratham (Ol) transfer to Charlotte last year but don’t think he played any this year


That’s right, forgot about that!! He wasn’t on our 2-deep this year.