Charlotte to Hire Michigan associate Head Coach Biff Poggi as new Head Football Coach

yeah, saw that at some sites that that’s an insane VIG IMHO. As it get’s closer to the season it should be less expensive to buy down a 1/2 point, but I am afraid I will be buying down from 3.5 at that time. Exactly, tough call

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Just to be clear he was an Analyst at Michigan, which means not allowed to Coach players on a field or recruit. They have pretty strict rules governing the role he played.

During games they are not even allowed to be in the coaching box.

So i guess they figure he and Dilfer are the least experienced of the 130+ at this level…. But win a few games and will move up the list quickly!

And most head coaches are only as good as their talent and their staff…it certainly appears Biff has done well in those areas. Ultimately, the proof will be on the field though.


Not sure if that is entirely accurate. I remember reading somewhere that when Harbaugh was away for some reason that Biff "ran"the practices as well as some other things in his absence.

Not to say he wasnt fully engaged in the Program, just not a coach.

Associate Head Coach was literally his title at UM. If you think he truly didn’t do any "coaching " , i have a bridge id like to sell you.

And yet I could never find a bio page etc for him on the official Michigan football website. Thought that was odd, especially for the supposed AHC.


Poggi was The Dude at Michigan