Class of 2019 MBB recruiting thread


2019 Caleb Stone-Carrawell (Committed to Charlotte): Stone-Carrawell was fantastic in this matchup vs. The Patrick School. He was tied as the leading scorer for Cox Mill, using his terrific frame to rise up and knock down outside jumpers from three early on. He showcased his dead-eye shooting stroke and his ability to step up scoring wise, helping the team earn a first-half lead. Stone-Carrawell has terrific versatility on the floor on both ends and we loved his ability to be a secondary ballhandler, push the ball up the floor, and use his size to his advantage. Stepped up big on a big stage. Stats: 29 points


Based on the rankings, amount of publicity and write ups, etc, i expect the 2019 class to be a lot better than our currenyt freshmen(who i really like).


Our only chance next year for a halfway descent season is if Carrawell and Williams are good enough to be in the starting lineup.


The best part about next year is we gain scorers. Brice, Carrawell, Bertram. Young and Shepherd can too.


Rissetto has had a 40 point game also.


well, there’s another way to look at that. what if the troops on board are so good that williams and carrawell can’t crack the lineup? not wouldn’t THAT be exciting!



Man, I am sooo looking forward to next season. Halton will be rocking again.


We are sleeping on Young, y’all. He’s the most college ready of our four, and I think Caleb or Brice would be the gem of any recruiting class we’ve ever had.

Young is going to be something.