Covid and 2020-21 College sports

Thought maybe we needed a specific thread for this hoops season’s developments…

Here’s one to kick it off:

Various takes on the subject:

What’s the over/under for number of games we actually play? I’m thinking 12 and I’d probably take the under. Honestly I doubt we play double digit games.

Going to be interesting to see what happens. As we know, the NCAA set the number of games played at 27 max with an MTE (25 without) and 13 minimum to be eligible for postseason.

With the uncertainty of the season, Lunardi has produced three versions of his bracketology - the usual 68 plus 48 and 16.

Sources: The basketball oversight committee expected to recommend that the NCAA allow ALL transfers to get waiver to play this season. This would be proposed to the D-1 Council — which next meets on Dec. 16. There is a chance it could be voted on prior to the 16th.


— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanHoops) December 3, 2020

With the Vaccine news being so positive, I’m confused why the NCAA doesn’t just move the season a few months like the NBA has done. I read the entire country could be offered a vaccine by April, can’t they just vaccinate the college players in March, play the season March/April/May and do “march madness” in June… seems like it would work much better and be less risky for players and fans.

Vaccines open a potential can of worms. Would the NCAA require college athletes to have this vaccine to participate?

I would imagine universities would make it a required vaccination. Didnt they try that with the flu show this year?

The university has a form you have to fill out that says you have received the flu shot or are not going to get it based on either medical or religions grounds. There is no follow up.

Thank. So the form was required not the shot.

I teach with the University so I assume what I had to do reflects campus policy for students as well.

What a surprise. Our women’s team outplayed the Tar Holes most of the game in Chapel Hill, even had a lead in the last 2 minutes but Holes got a BUNCH of free throws down the stretch (most were not from intentional fouls either) I think they hit 2 fgs in the last 8 minutes. Holes Ended up winning by 6. They took 37 free throws to our 13…Nothing to see here, move along.

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