Fire Ron Sanchez

If every team in the country played this boring style basketball would be about as popular as shuffle board.


I dont think its boring when we are backdoor cutting and playing great defense and most importantly, winning…not a lot of that against Detroit mercy though


Have to have an answer when other teams drop back into passing lanes and have to be ok adjusting D when the other team counters pack the line effectively.

The trend in basketball for over a decade is the 3 point shot. More teams emphasize it each year as a way of neutralizing their deficiencies to keep up. Majority of teams below P5 level have to use it to compete. Now at Charlotte we have a defensive system thats main weakness is defending the 3 and our offense has no shooters. Are we a new trend setter for the future like it “use to be” or are we a team with a stubborn Coach that believes and implements the system above all the results to teach the pillars of life and basketball.


That :point_up:


I am not on the Fire Sanchez Train yet but can buy a ticket if what happened on Wednesday is repeated. In addition to the play on Wednesday, I did not like his preseason comment about Charlotte being a stepping stone to the big boys.

The start of the year was great, so hoping we can get back to it starting tomorrow.

clt says threadgill is a shooter

Not plavich or jobey, but a shooter

Yeah I noticed that he does shoot a lot but not many have accounted for points :rofl:

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Not on the fire Sanchez train either. I have not heard his comment about us being a stepping stone. I would like to hear the context.

Depending on how it was stated, he should be fired immediately. We should never make a comment like that as it only weakens our program.

Biff does not see our school that way. I love his attitude and comments. If our leadersip all had Biff’s attitude, ability, and vision we would have a med school, law school, and be a member of the SEC.

Sanchez doesn’t believe in baseline screening for the 3pt shooter

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Mike Hill has doubled down on Sanchez like China has doubled down on covid shut downs. Sooner or later, even the power will know it’s bunk

Maybe Hill knows more than us. Probably does. That’s his job.

Maybe Hill has made one winning hire that I am aware of for a major sport. Maybe we shouldn’t be carrying water for Mike hill when he brought us Healy and Sanchez

I’d play him in horse for a living and I’m 56. Good Lord

No dunking….

I think Sanchez could coach at Charlotte 100 years and not not the NCAA. Losing to several terrible teams every season kills your RPI/NET preventing an at large bid. The style of play doesn’t translate well to a conference tournament either because you are bound to run into a hot shooting team.