Football Coach Candidates?

Student fees and donors. Regardless of what Money a sport generates you still
Have to pay market rate for a coach. There are plenty of other sports that produce almost zero revenue, yet get funded.

I don’t care who we bring in, as long as it’s a guy that’s figured it out somewhere before, a la a P5 program. The AAC should be enough incentive for a coach wanting to show he’s still got it. Healy needs to find his niche somewhere else. Like a smaller school. But the change needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Healy would make a great high school coach.

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Healy would do fine with anyone else’s players that need a little boost. I don’t think Lambert would have gone 7-6 with that team, but he’s going to have to learn how to evaluate talent.

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And development it. I can’t really think of any player that has taken a leap during his tenure.

Lambert didn’t recruit the highest caliber of player and his in game coaching was poor, but he did seem to take some unknowns and develop them into quality players.

I haven’t seen any evidence of Healy doing that.


Nailed it! This is one of several issues but it may be the biggest for Healy.

I think Healy is suffering from not being able to keep assistants on staff taking higher level positions. He’s heavily reliant on the team around him to be successful.


What do you guys think of this coach?

East Carolina Pirates VS. Campbell Camels
SEPT. 17 6:00 PM ET, Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium, Greenville, NC (ESPN+)

Line: ECU -30

What Campbell coach Mike Minter said about ECU:
On the matchup with ECU:

“We’ve got to get better and what better way of doing it than going to face these Pirates. They almost upset NC State, so I’m sure they’re feeling good about themselves and what they’re doing there. Coach Houston is a great coach and I know he’s going to have them ready. They will not overlook us. He will have them ready to go. And we know that. We’re looking forward to the challenge.”

On the importance of having this game:

“Anytime you’re in-state and you’re playing somebody bigger than you - no different than when they play NC State - you have that type of energy. You know how big it is. Fifty, sixty percent of your roster is from North Carolina. They understand and they grew up watching East Carolina. Now you get a chance to go there and play them. That’s not always the case when you’re at an FCS program. The great thing about North Carolina is we’ve got a lot of universities in North Carolina. We get a chance to play these Pirates for the first time and it’s going to be really good for recruiting. We’re recruiting three- and four-stars. I’m sure East Carolina is doing the same. It’ll be fun to be able to get on the field with them.”

On ECU’s offense:

“First of all, we have to make sure No. 2 stays on the sideline. Fastest man in college football. OK, this dude is fast. He made NC State’s linebackers - all potential draft picks in the NFL - he made them look like they were running in mud. This guy is unbelievable. We have to try and contain him. He’s the guy who can take the ball 80 at any moment. They have some great receivers, three of them. That makes it tough because you can’t just focus on one guy. Normally, teams in college have one guy. Not three. They have three dudes who can legitimately make plays on you. They have height, size and speed. Then they have tight ends. And when you have tight ends, like those two guys, that makes it tough. That’s what makes them potent. You’ve got a great running back that can take it to the house. You’ve got great receivers that can run routes and get open, and use their size with fade balls and jump balls. Then people forget about No. 5 in the slot. This guy is probably the most explosive guy. He doesn’t have as many catches as the other two, but he’s got eight targets and seven catches.

“So you have to look at that offense and say, ‘If I’m quarterbacking, I’m pretty good, too. I get to throw the ball to these guys and hand the ball off to 2.’ But he’s smart. He knows how to play good football, he’s got an arm, he knows the offense and he knows every defense. I think this is his fifth year or something like that. If I have five years in college, it’s going to be pretty bad for everybody else. That’s what you’re looking at in this offense. I’m sure coach is going to try to get him to run the ball. That running game has not been up to par, but it’s because of who they’ve played. THey’ve played NC State and ODU, who’s great at stopping the run. I’m sure he’s going into this week saying we’ve got to run the ball guys. That’s what I’d be saying if I was playing a D-II school. We’ve got to run the football on them, and establish this run.”

On experiences with Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium:

“Well, I’ve never been there. I don’t know anything about it and I’ve never been to ECU. I’m sure it’s going to be loud. I watched the game when they played NC State. Everybody showed up and they were all crazy. It looks like a crazy atmosphere when it comes to college football games. I’m sure the fans will come out and be loud. It’s a night game. They’re expected to have a great showing. This is what they do. I look forward to being in the stadium. I haven’t been to North Carolina’s stadium, NC State’s stadium, or Duke’s stadium. We’ll go get to play these people and see all their stadiums. Then I’ll rank them and let you know.”

What Mike Houston said about Campbell:

“We’ve already flipped the page and moved on to a very good Campbell team coming in here this weekend. They are an old team, with a lot of guys that have played a lot of snaps. They have a dynamic quarterback who had a great game in their opener and had a solid game last week. They return a massive offensive line and will be much bigger than we are when we take the field on Saturday. Their left tackle is a Senior Bowl watch list, transferred from Wake Forest and is a very good player. Their other tackle is equally as large and a solid player. Defensively they have the reigning Big South Player of the Year at defensive end, and a very solid unit there so it’s a big challenge this weekend and a solid opponent. We’ve got to focus on getting better today. We’ve got to have a great practice today to start the week off with our preparations and be very sharp and really build towards Saturday. Looking forward to another home game, 6 p.m. kickoff, should be great weather on family weekend. I would anticipate that we’re going to have a large crowd and a full stadium on Saturday night. It’s great to be back at home again and great to be back in front of our crowd.”


“He’s a lot better player than Jack (Chambers) was. He’s bigger, he’s probably more explosive. He probably throws it better in the pocket. They were 3-1 last year when he got injured. He missed the rest of the season. During the pandemic in 2020 one of the weekends where we were quarantined, I got a chance to watch them play Georgia Southern at Georgia Southern and he almost single-handedly beat Georgia Southern in that game. They went for two at the end, didn’t get it and ended up losing by one but just really stood out to me just how dynamic of an athlete he is. It’s certainly going to be a huge challenge Saturday.”


“I think it’s a strength. I think all those guys are playing well. It was great to see. Shaundre (Mims) had a great night the other night. He played the run very well, pressured the quarterback multiple times, had the strip sack that resulted in the fumble recovery by JD (Lampley) that set up Rahjai’s (Harris) touchdown there in the second half. It’s great to have a lot of guys playing at a high level. It allows us to stay fresh right there. We’re going to need that on Saturday against a line of the size that Campbell has.”


“They’re a good football team. I could not care less which classification we are and what they are. They’re a good football team. That’s the big thing. We’ve got to have a great week of practice."

This is all laughable. So :rofl:

Hire Tom Knotts. He always recruited the Charlotte area well…


Ruffin McNeill?

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the more that i think about it, the more i love the idea of hiring skip holtz


Yeah the more I think about it, the more I like that idea too. He could be exactly what we need heading into the AAC.

i mean, think about it:

at la tech, he had a winning record in every season except for 2013 (when he started) and 2021 (when he was eventually fired), made it to 7 bowl games in a row and won 6 of them in a row, and won his division 3 times.

he may not be the P5 retread everyone is hoping for but if he’s hired, we should absolutely be excited about it.


They beat Citadel but lost b to W&M.

Didn’t Healy try to get major applewhite as a assistant coach a couple years back?

Applewhite interviewed after Atkins left for OC.