Football Coach Candidates?

clt says minter out recruited us at Campbell

Recruits, but yet doesn’t win.

Ok. How about Gene Chisek? Successful and living in NC. I think he would consider us.


I agree with that

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Gene Chisek likely would be considered next inline at UNCCH which can’t be all that far away.

Crappy coach.

Bull crap. We would be lucky to get him. I guarantee you he is a much better coach than what we are accustomed to.

Thats like saying that youre taller than danny devito. Not a high bar to clear. He was 5-19 at isu

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Umm, didn’t he win a Natty???

Yes and he was 33 and 18 at Auburn with the 14-0 Natty. The man can recruit and he can coach.

clt says perfect fit for UNC CHeat


No. Cam newton won a natty.

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And his Dad won :moneybag: :money_mouth_face:

Not pretending he would come here. But just curious. How has Coastal held onto Jamey Chadwell?

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Would it help coach Healey to recruit if we had an expanded stadium? Or, if we were currently active in expanding the current stadium?

I really want Healy to work out for us. He is a great representative of our program. If he doesn’t, would an expanded stadium help recruit a new coach. We all know that 1 of a future coach’s major questions will be, can I sell this program to recruits?

An expanded, top-notch stadium, city of Charlotte, AAC conference member, and a great university should be a solid foundation for future success.

I feel that not having a bigger stadium does hurt our recruiting. Also, not having an indoor practice facility hurts recruiting as well. I am very happy we are addressing both these issues, but I fear until this infrastructure is in place recruiting will be tough!

Recruiting is tough when you aren’t winning. That’s our #1 problem right now. Healy had good recruiting classes his first couple years here but he did nothing with them & now recruits see that. He also had one foot out the door interviewing for other jobs after his first & second season. That’s a recruiting killer. It was brought up in an article, i believe on underdog dynasty, where coaches were telling kids if they came here the coach wasn’t going to be here very long. It won’t hurt to have an expanded stadium but that won’t help our guys develop or be in the right spot & tackle on defense. That’s all terrible coaching that has led to a drop off in recruiting that is only going to get worse if a change is not made.

William & Mary manhandled our guys like they were FBS & we were FCS. They play in a stadium with less than 13,000 seats. In 3.5 years Healy has won 2 games against teams that finished the season with winning records. Our 1 win this season was against an 0-4 team. He’s not a good coach & he allowed his friendship with West to run our defense so far into the ground it will take a while to fix. Healy is a nice guy but heis in way over his head here. A larger stadium won’t fix that.