Greatest Niner MBB Players

In that case, you could also go with Diego…or me.

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clt says don’t pay relator fees or taxes!

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Give me P Henry over Davis or Young for players from the past decade.

This was tougher than I thought:

  1. Basden
  2. Withers
  3. Goldwire
  4. Henry
  5. Davis

I can see the argument between Withers and Basden. I voted Basden just because of the all around game. Lots of others to consider as well. Best player in our history I would vote Henry Williams. Again debatable.

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Henry wins hands down but he was in the Nineties I believe

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HW was here from 88-92.

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Oh yeah, I was there for his final three years. I was just talking about our best player in history not this century. I will admit I was too young to remember the 70s.

Just updated thread title so not restricted to just this century.

Anyway, will give my vote for greatest to Cedric Maxwell. Led Niners to 1976 NIT runner-up finish when that NYC tournament still meant something and named tourney MVP. Followed up by the 1977 Final Four run. Named to UPI All America team and first round NBA Draft pick by Boston. Won two NBA championships with the Celtics and named NBA Finals MVP in 1981.

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Well sure it’s Maxwell. Not a lot of schools have a NBA FINALS MVP.

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Of all time: cornbread

Of my time: Henry

Of last 30 years: demarco

Of the last 20 years: Eddie

Of last 10 years: JD

My fav ever: Diego


[quote=“NinerWupAss, post:51, topic:36696, full:true”]
Of all time: Henry

Of my time: Henry

Of last 30 years: Eddie

Of the last 20 years: Eddie

Of last 10 years: Pierra h

My fav ever: El Tamir

clt likes this format

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C - Maxwell
F- Demarco
F- Lang
SG- Williams
PG - Dinkins

2nd team & 3rd team are loaded…

Withers, Diego, Colson, Basden…

Interesting… 4 NC guys!

Highest rated recruits: Vincent Grier, Iti, Withers, Reid……

Almost closed on recruits; Rondo, Witherspoon (southern miss), Hayward (sp?, UNC)…

Most of you never got to see George Jackson or Melvin Johnson fill it up and dominate .


Melvin Johnson banking in 25 footers. Classic.


Action Jackson had two 44 point games. Am privileged and old enough to have seen them. And it was before the three point line in ncaa basketball.


Melvin was excellent, how many years did he play here?

Another Hal Wissel guy, Wissel brought in some good players.


Melvin Johnson was a Niner for all 4 years - 1980-1984. As such, he was recruited by Mike Pratt, not by the coach who shall remain nameless. MJ just had the misfortune to have played in the QC during the darkest and deepest depths of Niner men’s basketball.

Melvin Watkins and Lew Massey were part of great teams from '74-'75-'76-'77, along with Maxwell. The NIT run in '76 put Charlotte on the college basketball map.

Jobey Thomas was a 4 year player on strong teams.

If the team goes 15 deep, those 3 deserve consideration.

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