New Podcasts: "Hwy49" and "Inside the Mine"🎙️

I think Hunter is having trouble getting access to the new players.

Haha! Just listened to the end of the last episode. You are 100 percent correct. I stand corrected, now if they can limit the FSU and ACC talk we are really cooking. Very happy to have all the Niner podcasts. This coverage is something I dreamed of a few years ago. I appreciate all of it.

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clt isn’t going to listen to a 49er podcast that discusses the acc unless we are playing an acc team

I recommend giving them a chance. Both offer good information and Hwy 49 has great Niner personalities. Trevor was a solid interview.

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Hunter Bailey with a really great, long segment on the West and Walker show today. Talked all 49erz… Pro Day, Poggi, and Hoops. Starts at around the 12 minute mark. Definitely worth a listen.


Has every guest on this podcast transferred out of Charlotte?

Sure seems like it. Doesn’t help that Jhamir talks about how great it it being in the NCAA tournament and playing at a higher level. :face_vomiting: Not my favorite episode.

I assume hes talking about tampering in hoops.