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The 3 cone times are more important than a 40 time. How often do nfl guys get a chance to run straight for 40 yards? Grant might sneak into the 3rd. I think someone is probably already in love with him. Grant is a Tomlin kind of guy. He obviously has a strong work ethic and always produced on game day when his team needed him to most

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Nate Davis got paid! 3 yr 30m, 19m guaranteed, to Bears…WOW

I know linemen get paid a lot but damn


Awesome…happy for Nate!!!


He is worth every penny.

Steelers better do something with Alex H soon, if he hits the market next year as FA he can pay for stadium expansion as a tax right off :slight_smile:

Alex and the Steelers are too smart to part. They might bring back Dupree. It was awesome when Alex, TJ and Bud were all on the field together. They gave Lamar and the Ravens trouble.

Speaking of, Lamar needs to fire Mom. The Browns felon owners screwed the other team owners ‘ cap plans when they gave the felon that rubs people wrong way all that guaranteed money. Lamar wants the same, but the Ravens aren’t idiots like the Browns. Lamar will be made an example correction and the Browns will eventually have new owners

clt says lamar is washed

Since the Baltimore Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson in 2018, they have played the Steelers 10 times. Lamar Jackson has only factored in half of those division rival games.

Vs the Steelers, Jackson has a passer rating of 67.4 with 634 yards, 4 touchdowns and 6 interceptions in those 5 games. I guess Big Ben missed a Ravens game beyond the elbow year, but I don’t recall.


Nothing unsavory about this

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