Official Stadium Construction Thread


Brits talking about our stadium expansion.

Discussion of Jerry Richardson Stadium begins shortly after the 12th minute begins.

clt says the robots can deliver bojangles now

Soon those robots will roll through loads of geese poop.


Easy A GIF by filmeditor

10-15 years to complete?

They don’t know anything, just like us.

Two large benefactors of ours unfortunately just passed away. That could either be very good, or very bad for this endeavor.


The only thing tempering my expectations is both were married. Hard to know if they will hold up any major gifts they may have had in their estates.

Taking my attention off of do we fire RS, now I circle back to this. Almost a year ago since the announcement. Broke any ground, anywhere? Any updates? Where do we stand? A year later and nada? That’s concerning. Spring game would be a nice time for an announcement. Otherwise, per usual, we’re treading water.

Only thing I’ve heard is fund raising has gone “well”. I know we have at least one VERY major donation but donor so far wants to stay anonymous and has requested it not be announced until a matching component is done. FWIW

A match from another major donor, a match from thousands of small donations?

Seems like a challenge like that would be announced to drive small donations from the bad fans.

No reason it couldn’t still stay anonymous.

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We have been hearing how “well” its going for a year. Must not be going THAT well.


Probably got all the low hanging fruit early and having difficulty getting anyone else signed up

It’s time for a meaningful, non vague update from Mr Mike Hill.

The spring game has free attendance. Everything should be about getting a capacity crowd out there and then unveiling how close we are to the fundraising goal, and challenging the public to meet it, with the enthusiasm of that crowd behind it.