Official Stadium Construction Thread 🏟

Great posts 49RFN------I 100% agree------our AD bosses are the kings of excuses.

Y’all know not all excuses are equal right?

If you want to have sex and your wife says no I have a headache isn’t the same as your wife saying no I just had surgery.

Both are excuses one is legit.

We can probably see evidence of the surgery, evidence of the headache would be harder to verify. Mike Hill is telling us to take two pills and call him in 2026.

So basically Judy had headaches and Mike had surgery. Got it….

I’m not saying ANY of the “excuses” are necessarily invalid, but what is BS is almost NEVER giving any updates publicly AT ALL. …There is no need for you remind us all why you think that is perfectly fine.


Just wanted to point out that this is new CUSA member Jacksonville State’s stadium:

That is an interesting stadium. The backside view of that tower… a giant dorm

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Jax State reminds me that Tiger Stadium at LSU included regular student housing under the stands for about 60 years.

If it got the stadium built…

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If there is a will there is a way. Other FBS schools (many with much smaller athletic budgets than us) seem to figure out how to expand to their stadiums yet we find excuse after excuse to sit on our hands.


Can you count the students for attendance purposes?

Sure. Yall enjoy the silence and next season. Im out.


Didn’t they just authorize money for advanced design work?

Seems like that means we are close to having funding in place or they wouldn’t have voted to spend that money.

We all know a couple things.

Charlotte has always had a bit of an uphill battle with funding.

And Charlotte has always built nice things when they do build.

My gut says we are within a year of announced date for concrete to pour and it’s going to be done in a fiscally responsible way.


Sounds good.

Only response:

Apparently we don’t deserve nice things.

yeah, that “response” is beyond lame, by whoever that is. There are only a handful of teams that sell their stadiums out every week…didn’t stop any of them from building larger or expanding their stadiums.

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Some folks don’t understand that you have to be constantly improving on multiple fronts in order to get better overall. It’s a hard concept for those who THINK they have fully functional frontal cortexes.


clt says that person has quite a twitter

What’s a cortex?


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