Official Stadium Construction Thread 🏟

UNT has never sold out their 27,000 seat stadium but their facilities look great which sends the message to the public, recruits, and other FBS conferences “we take football seriously”. Does Charlotte take football seriously or did we just add football as another campus amenity to help boost enrollment?

30,850 actual capacity, but your point stands.


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See, this is something the AD should announce publicly. A lot of our fans would get excited about this. Generates excitement in the off season.

Instead, we have a fan at the baseball camp tweeting football news and we’ll probably have to do a deep dive internet search to find info on it from somewhere else.


If that’s additional speakers, it’s nothing to boast about. Should have been there from the git-go. More speakers= less volume per speaker= less hearing loss from being next to a speaker. If you’ve been on the end zone concourse, you know what I’m talking about.


I’m sorry. I couldn’t hear you. What did you say?


Anyone near campus who can go take more pictures and maybe ask the guys putting it in for some details, since no one in our AD seems to think any fan would give a damn about this?

Until they put in speakers along the north endzone the only alternative is to jack up the scoreboard sound. Hopefully that’s part of this project, but who the hell knows?

Stealth AD.

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Maybe we can host Skynard now? FreeBird!

You know if a concert is to be had, its gonna be Tepper bringing it ti us :slightly_smiling_face:


Teppper did invent Music in the Carolinas!


clt says bifftv is here!

But are they Bluetooth?

clt says haltron getting some attention as well

Are you sure? All we have are pictures of missing boards taken by fans. For all we know some frat boys pulled off the greatest heist in Niners history.

Would be nice if the AD could put out an article on this to clear things up.

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They picked a fine day and a fine week to get a crane out and hoist men and HEVasFck speakers 149’

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Hope they fixing the sound system for good. I’m still embarrassed by the Ratliff botched tribute. Somebody shoulda lost a job, that was bad.


Ugh! Thanks for the reminder.

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