Official Stadium Construction Thread 🏟

{PING PING PING} it’s a ford dealership 1st down!!!

Is that how it went? Drove me nuts. Especially back to back plays for 1st downs.

I actually liked the pickaxe noise. Wish they still used it.

However, nothing compares to Charleston Southern: THAT’S ANOTHER CHARLESTON CRAB HOUSE…FIRST DOWN!!!

We heard that a lot that day.

That was a dark day. I swore never to eat at the Charleston Crab House.

They have removed the logo & it appears they are removing parts of the current video board.


Is Mike putting up a ram or a dirty foot logo?

Wake Forest University will soon have a new name for its football stadium and a new presenting sponsor for its women’s athletics teams.

The university announced that Truist Financial Corp. (NYSE: TFC) will not extend its naming rights to Groves Stadium, which has been known as Truist Field since 2020 after BB&T’s merger with SunTrust Bank. From 2007 until 2020, the name was BB&T Field. BB&T was headquartered in Winston-Salem until the merger created Truist, headquartered in Charlotte.

Interested Season 10 GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm

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If they are removing parts (or all) of the JRS video screen, is it possible they plan to move that to one of the Halton corners?

That thing has got to be too big for the corner of Halton.

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Possibly------but could it be “split” in to 2 separate boards? 1 for each corner?

I doubt it would be worthwhile if you could. Like how old is it now? Would you pay someone lots of money to to remove a neighborhood outdoor TV of similar age and install it in your man cave? I would not.

Season 10 Finale GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm

It would be an improvement over the wall scoreboards and you must have forgotten we have re-used boards before in both Halton and JRS.

Maybe you are right. We hired a budget basketball coach. Why not a second hand video screen to match our second rate entrance into the AAC.

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You do realize that was posted by an App grad?

I just want an explanation. I don’t who posted. I saw the old logo.

clt says one, that is embarrassing for appy, we aren’t obsessed with everything they do.

clt says two, look at the leaves. what a crappy attempt at humor. you gotta use a pic that could be june

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We are getting new scoreboards in Halton.


I’m really annoyed that this is all being done by Stealth AD. Why is transparency so toxic to this AD? Have any of them ever taken 5 minutes of PR training?

I’ve never seen an AD that hates its fans as much as this one seems to.

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I’m here for student orientation today for my oldest son and the deconstructed board is the same as previously posted. I hope Mike Hill makes an appearance today so that I can ask him what is going on