Official Stadium Construction Thread

[quote=“stonecoldken, post:40, topic:24748”]I thought it started on Fri. morning since it was almost dark when we left Thurs.

Am I going to have to go & drink beer again out there?[/quote]

I am sure there will be folks out there tailgating for the baseball game Saturday. You can drink beer with them. Don’t forget to bring your Cubans.

SCK, when he says “Cubans”, he is referring to cigars. Just to clarify.

I know if he meant chicas, he’d have said Cubanas.

It looked like they were taking down the light poles in Rec Fields 8 and 9 this morning.

  1. Take down light poles.√

Two light polls on the upper field are down. One trailer and three smaller pieces of construction equipment are opposite the Hayes. Railroad ties in that area have been pulled up.

YES! The fun of watching this place rise out of the ground begins! :stuck_out_tongue: I had a lot of fun watching the SAC go up as well as BofA Stadium and the Coliseum on Tyvola (no longer there of course).

I wish they’d get the webcam up already.

Fucking seriously.

Light poles down yet? :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

Looks like no work was done today.


  1. Take down light poles.√[/quote]

:)) LOL

  1. Take down light poles.√[/quote]

:)) LOL[/quote]

:wink: ;D

drove through campus just before lunch, no work going on.

…but, are all the light poles down now?

2 lightpoles down only.

First picture is the concrete cores of the 2 lightpoles lined up to move up to the new field above Wachovia Fieldhouse.
Second picture is the label on one of the core sections.
Third shows a core section still in the ground with the outer metal pole structure on the ground.

Out of curiosity, what is the contingency plan if the stadium is not finished in time?

with over 2 years to get it done, I’m not worried.

This thing will go up fast, IMO.

EPIC is a great example. Its not that far away from being done and less than 2 years ago that area was still trees.