The EV news thread πŸ”Œ

Good to know. Thanks.

I’m looking at the trucks but longest trips I take are typically to Charlotte and back to Asheville

Shit mine only gets like 3 miles per hour on a 120v outlet vs the ChargePoint charger I’m planning to get will add like 30-34.

I was excited about the wife getting one since it fits her perfectly and she isn’t the best at keeping up with maintenance, but she has fallen in love with the new big broncos. Maybe ford will put the f150 stuff in one of them.

My brothers girlfriend has a bronco. Two door though. Really like the way it looks.

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Tesla- Beyond Disturbing

That is just insane.

Personally, I hate ketchup. It’s a disgusting condiment. I’d like to know how much of my money is going toward providing free ketchup to all the customers at the restaurant.


Told you


clt says that is insane

The Speirling is the creation of a British-Irish startup that set out to build a ridiculously powerful and lightweight car that could be driven on the track and on the streets (a road-legal version of the Goodwood fan car is in the works). The batmobile-looking machine reportedly weighs less than 1,000 kilograms (less than 2,200 pounds), yet boasts over 1,000 horsepower courtesy of its dual electric motors.