The EV news thread πŸ”Œ

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Does it come with the engine sound? Because if it doesn’t then that’s a deal breaker, imo.

It still has a v8, so I would assume so.

Gas powered rear electric upfront hybrid not plug in.

I am sure this only comes in an automatic though so screw them even though its stupid fast. That isn’t a big deal anymore when a 4 door EV can do the same thing.

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Ah, missed that it was hybrid. Was thinking electric. But yeah, being automatic only would definitely be a deal breaker, imo.

This is probably gonna be a hit, if you can get one.

While I’m not a huge fan personally of EVs because I like the visceral experience of driving, I am a fan of them coming to market because of stuff like this:

If you do, buy one before the WWIII starts in 2 years.

More interested in how it holds up after 6 months. I know how my harbor freight power tools do.

Reliability is definitely a big issue.

But they are also going to put tremendous pressure on America EV manufacturers with features like that at much lower prices. If you didn’t watch the 59 second video that car is an AWD PHEV with 60 miles of battery only range (which is plenty for daily driving for something like 80% of American drivers), and a total of over 650 miles of hybrid range (for people with bladders the size of tanker trucks).

Then you have Vietnamese companies like Vinfast which is going to be building EVs in North Carolina. Not importing them.

China knows cheap. China doesn’t know reliable. Won’t put pressure on other makes unless its seen as comparable. Especially without a decent network for service issues. When you go to the aftermarket for automotive parts now anyone that works on cars knows you avoid chinese parts at all costs. I needed a crank shaft position sensor on the ambulance. I went thru 4 of them before I got one that worked. When i asked a mechanic about it he said yeah they are all made in China now and about 1 in 5 actually work. That part is just a magnetic sensor sending a signal to the CPU about where the crank is. Not exactly cutting-edge stuff.

Looks like a cool ride though.

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