The EV news thread 🔌


Iva read that some of the new EVs will come with heads up displays showing the lines to take on roads. It’s literally taking away every little bit of driving skill.

The roads are for transportation, not sport. I don’t care about skill, I care about safety.

I drove a bmw edrive40 recently with a heads up display. It showed GPS information, speed limit, and speed I believe. It was great because it let you keep your eyes straight ahead rather than having to glance to a screen at the side for directions.

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It’s amazing how much fun you can have driving the speed limit on curvy roads. Having fun driving doesn’t mean wreckless. I don’t have an issue with a HUD my wife’s Mazda has had it for a decade. It’s the showing you the lines to take around a corner that saddening. Like k said taking away every bit of driving that is fun. Hearing the engine, shifting gears, taking lines, tinkering in the garage.

That’s the point though, it’s taking out any fun driving is. For some folks that is fine as driving is mostly just going from point to point. For some of us though driving has been much more than that. Maybe it’s weekend autocross on a closed track or a weekend of driving around mountain roads and spending hours in a garage.

It’s ok though once everyone is on a network capable vehicle the government can just set a speed limit and your car won’t go faster than that, they will be able to shut down your vehicle with the flip of a switch if you exceed government standards of safety or just hit a button and the car will take you to where ever the government or car company wants you. That’s all pretty safe.


clt is glad someone caught that one!

Out of our way Sunday Driver!!!

I kid… I kid…

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To each their own. I find electrics more fun to drive. It’s a different driving experience and I like it better.

Love throwing my car in sport mode and hitting country roads. Can really get a crazy roller coaster effect with electrics that I’ve never experienced in ICE’s before.

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I miss my old rx7 because of the sports car experience. My truck is probably faster, and it has it own sports car experience. I don’t need a hemi with headers to enjoy driving nowhere in particular. I like staying in loud torqueE gears with sound of fossil fuels exhausting. I am also impressed when I see an old classic on the road. When I see an electric, I think there is one less at Starbucks

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Im sure that’s fun, but like a rollercoaster the ride is doing most of the work. I don’t have a button for sport mode, my cars/motorcycle live in sport mode. That’s the difference.

And you are right to each their own, I’m just lamenting the end of an affordable hobby, the end of garage mechanics and their knowledge and Tesla/EV drivers thinking they are some kind of performance phenoms because they can stomp on a pedal - and that’s not exclusive to EVs. Cars were already going this direction anyways the EVs just took it to another level.

This is huge news. Starting in 2025, Ford will make their EVs with the Tesla-style charging connector, allowing them to charge at Tesla superchargers. Prior to that, an adapter will be developed to allow current ford ev customers to charge at Tesla chargers.

I really hope other big automakers get on board as well. It’s a no brainer decision. Tesla’s fast chargers are the most widely built out and by far the most reliable. I think in a few years it will get to the point where potential ev customers will only consider an ev that has access to the Tesla supercharger network. Kudos to ford for putting their ego aside and moving forward with this partnership. It’s also a boon for Tesla revenue as this will add thousands of new customers paying them for electrons.

This is welcome news overall. But I e been wondering if opening up the supercharger network to the “sweaty unwashed masses of mere plebian” EV owners will damage the networks performance and reliability?

It’s probably more of a volume concern rather than the non-Tesla owners actually treating it any differently.

Could this overwhelm Tesla chargers in the sense there will be longish lines/wait times to recharge?

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The increase in charging volume will be significant for sure, but Tesla is building out the supercharger network at an absolutely torrid pace. They recently stated that they plan to double it over the next 18 months. Having said that, ev sales are increasing as well. But all in all I doubt we end up seeing long lines outside of places like Southern California where every other car is a Tesla.

North American version of the ID.Buzz was unveiled today. Ten inches longer than the Euro one and has three rows of seating, plus available dual motor awd trim. I want one.

$60k estimated starting price is kind of a buzzkill, but they’ll sell a good # from novelty anyway. Even if the design isn’t as retro as the concept.

I live on the wrong continent apparently. I’d love to have access to the ID3. Why can’t we have nice small cars here?!