The New Football Coach is...NOT Mike Houston...Now Who?


Since it now appears Mike Houston is no longer a viable candidate, who’s the next possibility?


clt wants Gattis


John Kasich has thrown his name in the hat


I’m pissed off and worn out already. Just wake me when it’s announced.


I think we know at this point that Mike Hill was trying to do this all behind the scenes, but obviously it got out. I am sure he will lock things down even tighter going forward, and we probably won’t hear until it’s done.


Assuming he doesn’t get a better offer I want Elliott from Clemson. We need a recruiter first and foremost. One that can make a three star with a P5 offer think twice about sitting for 2+ years. We need a guy that can go into any house in the region and sell us over other G5’s. As long as we hire competent coordinators, the game day X’s and O’s will take care of themselves. College is all about 'cruit’n.