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I can see that but it gets pretty good afterwards. I felt the same with “The Boys” and glad continued on with both shows. I’ve read about the darkness thing. Didn’t bother me.

Anyone watch Severance? I’ve got one more episode to go. It’s not the same story at all, but it gives me such a Lost vibe. It can be a little slow, but I’ve enjoyed it.

Highly recommend The Bear on Hulu. It was excellent and a short series that won’t break your schedule.


Severance was great… really keeps you wondering, the last episode is great also. I think we have all felt that way about work life at one point or another.

Recently finished watching the Jack Ryan series on Prime. First season was good, second was good as well, but kind of went off the rails when 5 dudes stormed a presidential palace.

This looks soooo much better than that awful Obi Wan show.


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Ok, tech is getting silly. How would you like to stream on that thing? (Video Clip in link)

Oh heck yeah

Seeing good reviews of this. It’s essentially a Predator prequel. Said it’s well written, well shot and well acted. It’s also very, very violent.

I blame Breaking Bad for that. Then many series have tried to follow. Ozarks is like that at times. As was Daredevil and Game of Thrones.

So it will be HBOMin?

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My wife still watches West World that show has devolved into CW level production quality and writing.

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Reviews on this one are all over the place, from not good to pretty great.

I thought it solid. Writing was decent, acting was decent to good, and the Predator was pretty interesting, though I don’t like this design quite as much as previous ones. The cinematography was good because they shot so many beautiful landscapes.

Since it’s on Hulu, which I already get for free, it was definitely worth it.

Also - Seriously consider watching the Comanche language version. I wish I had watched that one.

WIRED: The Impending Demise of HBO Max, the Best Streaming Service.

This is horrible news IMHO. Other articles saying HBO Max will be ended by summer of 2023, never to return.

It’s one of the only streaming services that is worth the price, IMO.

You have a few months to basically take in the entire inventory of content. Hardly any of it will likely end up on the Discovery app. And any of the good stuff will probably carry an extra fee.

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