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Watched the first episode of American Gigalo. Pretty decent, looks promising

Watching this on FX / Hulu.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhaney bought a Welsh Football Club, for real.

Surprisingly good.

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I like how much this is more about the town’s relationship with the team than Ryan’s and Rob’s purchase of the team.

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I’m really loving it.

Like Ted Lasso, I don’t think you have to be a football fan to enjoy it.

Cool, going to check “Welcome to Wrexham” out this week. Thanks for the heads up.

If you like this, you’d probably like “Sunderland Til I Die” It documents the team’s being relegated twice and all that goes with that.

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Starting watching Welcome to Wexham. Not bad, I enjoy the comedy and seeing the fan’s concerns, etc. This show doesn’t get into the business side like Sunderland Til I Die does, but it’s still entertaining, so far. I like the dude that represents the owners. Dude basically told the players he didn’t know what the hell he was doing. Have to appreciate the honesty.

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I think the show gets better as it goes. I’m completely hooked.

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Having a slow day at work today. Thanks to this thread, checking out Welcome to Wrexham. Great so far.


One of the best things about the show are how short the episodes are. Can squeeze 1 or 2 in on a lunch break.


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Ryan Reynolds is one lucky SOB.

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Andor looks good and is well made, but it’s slooooooooow.

Yeah, I’ve watched the first episode but haven’t made it past that. So, you’re saying it gets better?

They are taking about 3-4 times as long as they need to in order to lay the foundation for the story. I blame the streaming format - too many shows stretch story just to create more content.

The 3rd episode pace picks up from near comatose to merely drowsy, but does have a couple of solid moments. There are also a decent number of details you’re probably missing if you’re not paying full attention.

However, most of my optimism is coming from trailer bits of future episodes that show a bunch more action and Imperial involvement. Space battles, Tie fighters, stormtroopers, etc. Either they showed us everything they have in the trailer or the pace is gonna pick up a good bit as the show continues.

Nothing else besides pacing is bad about this show though. It is really well made aside from stretching the plot way too thin.