TV Binging Thread 📺

CLT if you’re gonna post this in the TV binging thread you gotta tell us what show this is from, lol

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My interest is piqued. I love the Twitter account.

I don’t believe this scene was in White Lotus, but she was.

March 1st, fellow nerds. :nerd_face:

Also there were some gossip stories this week that Jon Favreau told Disney he wasn’t doing this season of Mando unless Kathleen Kennedy stopped screwing with it. Sounds like he got the right to make what he wanted back from the studio. I’m psyched.


clt says this is not good at all

Nope, not good at all indeed. My prime go-to when I’m lifting weights out in the garage during the summer.

clt says is still on yttv, but we are going to miss a lot of spring training games

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king of the hill animation GIF