University of Charlotte (Name Change Now)


Correct, they will get better. With time it will become a rival to UNC and Duke; I simply don’t agree that it is the right time. We are ranked 194th in the nation, but we have select departments that are ranked much higher. Also our own merits and appeals is something to strive for, but currently the draw to most future students is going to be that “UNC” until such a time that we are known for something academically.

Also (and this is hindsight) but look at the average debt carried by graduates between UNC and UNCC ($22,214 vs $32,054 respectively yet we cost less to attend). How many of your counterparts are spending 5yrs+ for an undergrad.

UNC vs UNCC avg class size is also drastically different with UNC having (on average lower class sizes UNC has 40% of classes with fewer than 20 students vs UNCCs 25% with fewer than 20).


If the majority of students going to a college come from the state that the college is in makes it a commuter school then every public university in the United States is a commuter school. That doesn’t even make sense. The University is large enough and has enough successful alumni to carry it’s own weight without the UNC. What sucks and needs to change is going on a job interview and getting asked if you are a huge Tar Heels fan.


Many of our academic achievements are mistakenly credited to chapel hill in the public and media, so one of the reasons to keep Chapel Hill is because their academic reputation which is being assisted by us? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


could you point some of those out?


No one is saying a name change will make us a rival to Duke or Chapel Hill, the advocates to the name change that I’ve seen want it to create our own identity.

We’re on course to become the second largest university in the state of NC, we offer higher education opportunities to a class of person who doesn’t come from a upper middle class background (like Chapel Hill and Duke support), we have a beautiful campus that in my opinion rivals the two schools you keep mentioning. We are the state school for the banking capital of the southeast and the largest city in NC. We have things we can brag about and sell ourselves about, just walk around campus.

Your arguments against a name change doesn’t hold weight. ECU and App are worse schools than us in almost every metric yet they aren’t called UNC-Greenville or UNC-Boone, not do they want to be. The reason being is that every time those schools achieve something there isn’t any name confusion or misinformation about what school it’s associated with.

It’s embarssing as an alumni that you want to hid behind UNC name because you think it A. draws kids to us and B. is the only reason people come to our school. As a university we don’t need the UNC name to stand on our own.


wouldn’t it be UNC- Raleigh since its still part of the UNC system?>


So you are saying we need to lean on UNC and pretend to be them instead of stand on our own, just to be clear?


Name change would be nice, I’ve had people from greensboro tell me they didn’t even know we existed and I’ve had student friends from Davidson think we are a CC.


what I am saying (and this is based on my opinion and experience) is that we don’t have much to stand on. As a random thought now though is how many on this thread are alumni?


Pretty much all of us. Not too many 49er fans are non alums.

Well, you can keep holding on to other’s accomplishments all you want. I’m proud of Charlotte. Time for us to carve our own path.


Dr Tabor one of the leading Biblical Archaeologists in the world is routinely said to be from UNC. UNC Charlotte is one of only two institutions in the world with permission to do some digging in Jerusalem and it is always referred to as UNC in the media and TV.

Kathy Reichs - creator of Bones and who has done forensic anthropology all over the world and helped at the branch davidian compound aftermath was always cited as being from UNC.

Those are two off the top of my head, but if you scroll through the name confusion log I am sure there are more there. The point being UNC is Chapel Hill in the eyes of many. As we continue to grow and our research and graduates excel it is essential that we start getting credit for what we do.


I got what I paid for but I also put in more than the bare minimum. I don’t know what you went to school for but the engineering school prepared me for the job market and job where paying back my student loans was really quite easy.

Do you think NCSTATE would be recognized as UNC Raleigh or ECU would be known at all if it was UNC-Greenville? There is a reason people know ECU and that their mascot is a Pirate, its because of their branding. Any admission officer would quickly learn that Charlotte was the same school as UNCC. However in the future when we win an engineering competition against NC state people wont write Go Tarheels on the FB comments ( this happened to me) and UNC-chapel hill wont get a free feather in their cap.


I’m one of those people. Had no clue UNC Charlotte was the same place that Brendan Plavich (the dude that hit the IU shot.) played for until I walked on campus for a tour and walked in the gym.


When I visited Barstool HQ last month a guy walked up and was like…Charlotte huh? Fuck you guys for hitting that shot in 2004 against my Hoosiers. It was hilarious


You guys crack me up, but to each his own. My only goal was to point out an alternative counter argument and stimulate discussion and the best we could come up with is citing a TV series on Fox, Barstoll conversation. I will say that thus far Green has been the only one who actually cited his department as preparing him for his career.


What does that have to do with a name change? What one department does or another does not has nothing to do with this. My department didn’t prepare for mine because I switched careers so does that count? It prepared me for my first one.


In addition to the beyond obvious need to create and enforce our own brand, I want nothing to do with mistaken association with a university that sold out its integrity, along with at least $21,000,000 (at last count) of legal and professional fees to protect its decades long cheating scheme.

That same prefix and hyphyn are also used to keep our institution in its place. It’s used for deprioritizing our funding and per student allocation in the state legislature, and keeps our alumni off the BOG. Know you role. Don’t steal any thunder from the mothership. The poster who used to refer to it as our slave name wasn’t that far off the mark.

There is a reason that the Stamats study returned a recommendation to change the University’s name. There are also people in positions of power who forbade it from being an option in the follow up study, and I fully expect those bootlickers to come out of the woodwork as this movement gains momentum.

“A NAME CHANGE??? Who the F does NCC-C CHARLOTTE think they are??? Why the next thing you know, they’re gonna want a MED SCHOOL too! How dare they! #knowyourrole” - immediately before returning to suckle at the pale blue teet.

Your time has come. We will not be denied.


Don’t get defensive. You’re bringing very weak strawman arguments to the table and they’re very easy to dismiss. But fine, if you want people to flex, I’ll flex. The DSBA program generated a promotion offer and a $40,000+ raise before I even completed it. And it’s not like I’m poorly paid to begin with.


good for you.


Good for the University.