University of Charlotte (Name Change Now)


ok so elaborate on the study, if there was a recommendation to change the name that is entirely different than students and/or alums just wanting a name change.


If you think that (“we dont have much to stand on”), you’re not very bright.


welp if you’re gonna poo on your school and say your degree didn’t prepare you, I’m not sure why we want your opinion here anyway.


statistical rankings don’t lie, also someone link the study so it can be read. Curious to see the different interpretations that it will generate.


So what you’re saying is the UNC brand has failed us.


That has got to be the worst logic I have seen on here in some time:

Stats don’t lie the university sucks - so don’t change anything you’d be crazy to.

The stupid… it burns!


Those people are ignorant as shit.


The University of Charlotte has the ATP program, which gives around 30ish students a year starting second semester Junior year an internship at Bank of America, the retention rate for this program is very high and often leads to full time roles upon graduation at BofA. Participants at this programs often get fed into the FMAP program (a prestigious finance program that often draws from top rated B-school), audit And technology.

Bank of America doesn’t have this feeder program at Chapel Hill, they have it here in Charlotte.


I have worked with guys and girls that had engineering degrees from NCSU, Va. TECH, and Penn State to name a few. I will put my education against their’s any day. Maybe I missed it but I’m curious what people that don’t think they are prepared get their degrees in. My roommates majored in Finance and minored in MIS and they are making big dollars.


James Tabor the religious studies department chair for years has had, books, research, and TV appearances credited to Chapel Hill.


As has visiting professor Shimon Gibson in the History Department.


Shimon Gibson is an amazing professor as well. He’s been digging in Jerusalem and allows us to be the only University outside of Israel allowed to dig in Jerusalem.


I forgot about that, that’s a hell of a feather in the History Department-and the Uni as a whole’s cap.


A TV Series on FOX? Its an entire book line and as I mentioned she is one of the leading forensic anthropologist and has appeared in print, academic and tv coverage due to her participation in things like the branch davidian fire and other disasters.

You obviously have a baby blue tshirt on.


Feel free to take a look around. It happens all the time.


clt says we R Charlotte.


I’ve lost brain cells reading some of this junk from this guy.


The “keep the UNC” advocates always have the same the argument, no ones knows the school so the UNC brings some “notoriety”. The funny thing is none of them ever want to acknowledge that if the UNC name has so much pull, then why aren’t we known outside of NC?

They really just parrot talking points they’ve heard, ignore critical thinking, and never bring relevant stats or information to the argument.

If we want to go through with this it needs to be 110%. There are going to be a lot of opponents in high positions that will attempt to maintain the power structure and that won’t cave easily.


Damn good thread for a president day Monday.

I see the need for a name change. Creating an identity of our own.

Now the reasoning for not doing a name change, is it because we get the “relationship” or “credit” from Unc-chapel hill?

I could see if ALL schools did it for consistency. ecu, ncstate, app etc, but they don’t so we are left sounding like a lesser school or community college.


Not sure if the links are still good but here’s the Statmats thread on branding: