WFT Announcing new Name / Logo 2/2/22

This looks likely true

Announced to start black history month - makes sense.

Washington Conquistadors?

clt liked wft


Washington Golden Showers?

The Mean Machine Lunatics?

Washington Clear Cutters?

Peeping Toms?

Date Rapters?

Sorry, but I don’t think “red tails” works for a sports team…”hey, we going down to DC this weekend and kick that red tail!”

….or other, much less diplomatic statements

Interesting. I have to say, I think it’s kinda badass, though I don’t get the geographic tie in.

The Red Tails deserve more credit than they got for most of their lives.


Agree Red Tails deserve more recognition. Disagree on it coming from WFT due to geography. Also, according to Time Magazine, 97 yr old Lt Col James Harvey is not sure Washington wins enough games to be worthy of that name. :joy:

That said, I did meet one of the pilots at the Air and Space Museum in DC. So there is that

No geographic tie in, but a nice honor nonetheless in my opinion. There will be push back, but that will fade in time. I like the angle of honoring the RedTails.

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It will stay Football Team.

Redtails didn’t make the cut.

During a podcast in September with ESPN’s Adam Schefter, WFT co-CEO Tanya Snyder confirmed that the final eight candidates were Armada, Presidents, Brigade, Red Hogs, Commanders, RedWolves, Defenders and Football Team.

It would be nice to have them be Defenders and honor the Capitol Police with the announcement

Redtails the favorite per oddsmakers as of 10 hours ago.

I say, Washington Team, Football. WTF

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That list is from July. A little longer than 10 hours ago.

So with that in mind, what will the new name be? Here’s a look at the most recent odds that were made available in July for what the new name would be.

Washington Football Team Name Odds

Name Odds
Redtails +250
Football Team +250
Redwolves +450
Renegades +900
Presidents +1000
Sentinels +1200
Lincolns +1200
Aviators +1600
Generals +2000

Again, the 8 finalists were announced in Sep by the CEO. One of those, Red Wolves, was removed due to trademark issues. So now it’s down to 7. Redtails is not one of the 7.

Ok, out of those I am rooting for the Sentinels. Go Shane Falco!!!

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General Rapiers?

Says January 4th here, as a republish date. So they were sticking with it. Also mentions the reveal date.

Will be interesting to see what they go with.

I do like Red Tails. They can still use their fight song without missing a beat (literally). Kinda hope that’s it. I don’t think it’ll be WFT or anything with Wolves in it. Every source seems to suggest Wolves has copyright problems.

I’m gonna go with Red Hogs since the announcement will be on February 2nd

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Joe Mcarthy says " Red Scare"