Will Healy Fired

Multiple Twitter reports that Healy is out.

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Finally! Now let’s get a coach of name that can retain our current and future players as well as hitting the transfer poral hard! Make a huge statement Hill.


Are they going to let Hill hire the new Coaches as we move into an upgraded Conference? Probably be new bball and football coaches as we enter the AAC …. Lets see

Hate it came to this. Loved will the guy and the energy he brought but results matter.


I wanted to see him turn things around this season. He’s such a likable person. This move had to be made though.


Yup, we had no choice. That performance yesterday was unacceptable and I don’t see how he could turn things around.

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It all goes full circle

Time to right the ships! Next few years are critical for both short term and long term success of our programs across the board. Hill firing Healy was step 1. Didn’t think he had it in him, honestly. Step 2 is nail the next hire. AAC and stadium expansion has to lure some top names. :crossed_fingers:Hill gets it right. We’re all tired of sucking. Good luck.


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Healy is one of those guys you pull for the remainder of his career. Although he did not get the wins we expected, I loved his heart and fire. He brought attention to our program; good and bad. Regardless, this program needed visibility.


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I have been pondering and going back and forth for several weeks now on how to structure this. It has been typed, deleted, re-typed, and debated. This is years of frustration watching first hand the effect this clown had on several players, so here is my manifesto:

Healy, et. al,
As I sat watching yesterday’s Charlotte game against FIU, I found myself sympathizing with the many players whose body posture and energy reflected their loss of faith. It’s a hard thing to lose faith. It’s a hard thing realizing you have believed in the wrong thing(s). It’s even harder when you’re a young man who has yet to become hardened by the let-downs and trials that serve to give older men that steely view. That being said, I also found myself relishing the fact that you were reaping what you sowed.
I remember the day you were introduced, with much fanfare, as the new head football coach at Charlotte. I was watching, optimistically, as you would soon play a major role in my son’s life. As the press, boosters, administration gathered around with cameras rolling you gave a dynamic speech. You did a great job bringing the energy, hitting all the right notes. But then you started to say something akin to ‘I am blessed (sic) to have this opportunity’ and you stopped yourself. Some would argue you chose to deny, to play it safe. My gut tightened and I felt the heat on the back of my neck. My gut has never lied to me-it is God-given, it is my built in BS detector. Sadly, it was correct again.
While you turned the coaches’ room into a fraternity of your pals and patted backs and glad-handed people, you simultaneously conned amazing, hopeful young men and robbed them of the best years of their lives. They trusted you to do the right thing, they altered their lives by changing majors to meet your ‘schedule’, they re-upped believing you had their best interests at heart. Many fought the urge to look for another home. You were handed an incredible team- a team of football-smart, talented, loyal, incredibly hard-working young men. That team was turn-key, all you had to do was not screw it up. They took you to a bowl game year one!
But then the ego took over, you had to separate yourself from the legacy of Lambert’s boys. You started bringing in position players to take the place of guys that were good enough to take you bowling. While the nature of football dictates you have to keep your job as a player by outperforming, you chose to force your picks into positions even though they weren’t of better caliber. I have not ever encountered a successful head coach that sat in film, team meetings, position meetings then took his assistant staffs’ eval. sheets, player grades and threw them in the trash and let (forced?) the coordinators put lower-graded, unseasoned, unproven players on the field. You took team leaders on and off the field and tried to strip them of their roles. Bad business model for sure but by gosh those newbies didn’t have that Lambert smell, did they?! Oddly, though, the second one of Lambert’s men makes it big, you are right there making sure to stake any claim you can!
As time went on and the writing was on the wall for your position coaches, as they saw you were going to push the agenda you were, they started to leave. And, they didn’t just leave, they leveled up! So, they were smart enough and talented enough for much larger, perennial programs but you couldn’t let them do what they clearly did well for Charlotte?! The same is true of many of the players that chose to leave-mysteriously they were talented enough to get you to a bowl game, talented enough to play in other, larger D1 programs but not good enough for you (whose record just got worse and worse as those young men left) to play. Credit to you I guess for sticking to your guns, way to ride that ship to the bottom!
While the rumor mill is all abuzz that you have already been fired and we are just awaiting the official announcement, while I could be celebrating that fact, I am just saddened. I am sad for the young men who didn’t get their chance, who didn’t get a look, who poured their heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into 49er football and got treated like so much garbage by you. Maybe you listened to the wrong people. Maybe (probably) you were in way over your head, maybe you are just a pawn in someone’s game. I don’t know. If life was just, you would personally pay for the lying, scheming, snake oil slinging BS that cost these young men so much. Losing this job is the easiest price to pay. You need to bear the weight of a hundred broken hearts, of futures sacrificed, of dreams unrealized because of your actions.
After all of this, my son says I need to forgive you. I don’t know if or when that will happen. But what I DO know is that he is a far, far better man than you and I am blessed by God to have him . . . and so were you.

What an incredible post. Well said.

Good Lord man. It’s football, not life and death. He didn’t perform well and got fired. Time to move on. Period


That post has a lot of emotion in it, and I suspect it represents only one of many viewpoints. I think that’s important to remember. I think it’s a bit harsh, as I think a lot of the situations described in it occur at just about every program. But I understand the need to vent. Especially from a parent. Hopefully with that out of your system you can move on, especially if your son is asking you to.

Changing gears a bit, I would like nothing more than to see Healy land on his feet somewhere, preferably with a good salary to offset his $1.5M buyout. That would be good for him and even better for us.


Charlotte about to make the big jump to the AAC next year and will want to be competitive as they’re sandwiched geographically between ECU and Memphis

Bet someone a beer Healy winds up at Clemson. Dabo loves the guy