2023 49er Football Season 🏈

I agree with what you are saying about QB. But, I believe a strong defense is where it starts to be competitive. If we go 0.500 next season I will consider that a win. Mainly because of where we finished last season, and the tougher conference we are going this coming season. But, that won’t happen without a strong defense.

In my opinion, I believe a dominant defense can make up for lots of warts elsewhere. Not a good defense, but a dominant defense. The better our defense is, the more we can rely on running the ball and field position. With a dominant defense, punting is not a bad outcome for your offense.

They literally just every new team entering the AAC and dumped them at the bottom of their rankings

Top 7 AAC offenses last year averaged 31 pts +…… bend but not break D is key to success if you can manage FGs instead of TDs.

I hope we do have a dominant defense. When I see teams with bad offenses, they have hope. They think they are close; maybe a play or so away.

When I see offenses dominated by a superior defense, I typically see offenses give up and try to survive to the next game. It gets into their heads and that tends to carry over to big plays on special teams. I love watching great defenses.

Any more names we want to pick out?



I have so much love for these guys becoming forever Niners! I hope they come to know how much we are enjoying watching them make 49ers history every day. Cannot wait to watch them HAM!


Chase Monroe- glad to see he still has eligible (probably can get 2 more year if that guy from Oregon got 8 years)

Jon Wallace and some of big guys in pic 2

Jai’lun Hampton


How old is 47 in first pic? Looks about 45.

Coach likes him some Starbucks!!

#47 is a new transfer named β€œChad Powers”. He was a former walk-on at Penn State. He can play QB and also OLB.


I actually googled Chad Powers. GOOD ONE!!! :grin:


This x 1000.

Hopefully you watched his walk-on workout too

Season 2 Lol GIF by Insecure on HBO

I wonder if they are looking into any big design changes for helmets and uniforms? I remember a couple of years back they had an alternate matt helmet with predominantly gold C, a cool gold face mask and maybe some gold trim. I dug it

Just renewed all 6 of my tickets! I am very excited to be starting my second decade with Niner football.

So many of my best friends have been built around the games and tailgating. My life would look very different without Niner football.


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Do we think the CUSA logos on the field will be replaced by the AAC logo, as well as the CUSA team flags before the Spring game.