University City Superstreet




Honestly, why even bother with cross walks at that point?


RIP students.

The issue is NCDOT decided long ago that highway is an evacuation route, so they make decisions now with that mandate, ignoring there’s a huge university and accompanying development there now.


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Looks similar to Poplar Tent and Derita. I am not a fan of not being able to turn left.


That’s going to be a no for me dog… What the hell is wrong with the DOT? The only thing that could save this for me would be if they offered to build three or four pedestrian bridges or tunnels to get over it so that we can continue to commit to a more ped friendly environment.


Where they want to build this is not really in a pedestrian area. I could see a need for maybe 1 pedestrian bridge over to the liquor store area. They should put pedestrian bridges in front of the university on 49 as it is. The superstreet won’t be a cause for increased traffic, but it would allow the existing traffic to flow better.


Nice video to explain the project.


You’re assuming they won’t continue the concept back down the highway mile-by-mile all the way to Tryon. NCDOT’s only concern is to maximize traffic volume through that corridor. Pedestrian bridges are better than nothing, but there’s plenty of studies that show people would rather dart across the street instead of using it. Anecdotally, I see people go out the light rail emergency-only gates at street level rather than use the pedestrian bridge that’s right there. It’s a big enough problem they’ve had to hire Security to monitor those locations.


After looking at the video posted by Mr. Bojangles, I don’t think that a pedestrian bridge is needed and it would be better than the current crosswalks at the intersections today. That is a pretty nice setup for pedestrians.


Here’s the path one would have to walk to go from East decks to Arby’s.



Might work off some of that roast beef sammich walking that route.


How many people would walk from the East Deck to Arby’s? My guess is not many.


Probably a lot walk to Passage to India though.

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Oh God, I love Passage to India.


What is wrong with our NCDOT? Oh, let us count the ways…


The need for this is so much greater on Harris between 49 and Plaza. Traffic backs up like crazy because of side roads and foot traffic is nonexistent.

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Public Meeting Map for this project:

Project website:


Make it a Trail of Tears to Gray’s


Talk about agencies and constituents not being on the same page…

Light Rail investment, University investment, private sector investment all towards a pedestrian and transit friendly environment and NC DOT doesn’t care.